Gardasil Primer-YouTube Video

Gardasil Primer-You Tube Video 

If your even considering giving your children the Gardasil Shot, think again. This vaccine was approved by the FDA, with a rush to judgment and with no available clinical trials that prove it is even safe for human life.

Many women and young teenage girls have died from the 3 dose shot, even after the first initial shot. Gardasil is made by the Merck Drug company, a company that has an arms length history of felon changes, false advertising, criminally they are felons under the law.

The Gardasil Primer Video is for parents who are totally unaware of the danger in this vaccine and who are not being told the truth by their doctors. Doctors receive kickbacks, bonuses, free trips and a lot of money for pushing drugs and vaccines.

The drug company is under investigation consistently for fraudulent claims, false advertising and promoting products that have not been approved for specific uses.

The push is on for profits from Gardasil from their shareholders and it appears anything goes, even deadly vaccines for the profits of Wall Street investors.

Gardasil Primer-You Tube Video

Guardasil Primer-YouTube Video


The Gardasil Primer Video- A Must Watch for Any Parent Concerned about Gardasil, and the H1N1 Vaccine.


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