Game Change- Sarah Palin Exposed

Game Change- HBO Sarah Palin Exposed

The new HBO film Game Change proves to be an eye opener into the real behind the scenes look at the 2008 John McCain and Sarah Palin campaign to disaster in the republican nomination four years ago.

"I so don't want to go back to Alaska"

When she was brought into the national spotlight by John McCain, little did he know she could not stand up to public scrutiny and her response to simple questions was revealing an inner lack of confidence in her abilities. While McCain propped her up as a:

Maverick – she seldom said anything remotely ” mavericky ” other than a few comment suck as:

I’m a “Hockey Mom” and something about “Lipstick on a Pig”, her words – not ours. Of course the hockey mom image faded fast and the lipstick on a pig was not a complimentary way to address her political aspirations at the time. The terms did not fool the media and they dug into her past, and totally vetted her when John McCain failed to do it.

Since that time, she has written several books that have bombed in sales, started a PAC that actually used fundraising money to buy her books due to lack of sales. She has made appearances, charged high speaking fees and banked over 10 million dollars.

Sarah Palin did all this after she quit her job as Governor of Alaska shortly after the election loss and earned more money as a private individual who was not answering to the voters who elected her.

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Her attacks and her comments of “Reloading” were implicated in the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords on her website with cross hairs on Gifford’s Arizona office.

Some of her critics say she inciting hatred, violence and appealed to the radical fringe elements as the mainstay of her support, in the conservative tea party movement.

Palin’s “hockey mom” image and religious values were quickly exploded by the revelation that her teen daughter Bristol Palin was pregnant and unwed, to her live-in boyfriend Levi Johnson or so he says. Palin later denied that Johnson was allowed to live with her daughter under the same roof. Sarah Palin always maintained she had high christian values, beliefs and sold her self on that premise.

As the layers of truth kept peeling off in 2008, her relationship with the Republican National Committee became strained and volatile as depicted in Game Change. Her relationship with Steven Schmidt, McCain’s senior campaign strategist and advisor were explosive.

What went on behind the scenes were head shaking truths, that she just was not ready for prime time America and had not been thoroughly vetted.

When Tina Fey did her mimic of Sarah Palin the ratings of Saturday Night Live went through the roof.

As the national television press got some face time with interviews that were one on one with Sarah Palin without a script, they  showed she wasn’t familiar with certain facts about national politics.   The glaring one was about the George Bush Doctrine conducted by ABC’s Charles Gibson and what newspapers she actually read with Katie Couric of CBS was another memorable interview.

After the GOP loss of the 2008 National Election, there was a kerfuffle about her charging up over $200,000 worth of clothing for her and her family used during conventions, appearances and shopping at Saks and other high end stores.

On her road trip last summer in 2011, she visited historic sites of America but could not name the actual Founding Fathers although she wrapped herself around the Constitution like most Tea Party members do.

In this portrayal Julianne Moore who plays Sarah Palin gives us an inside look at the RNC and Sarah Palin’s struggles to be acceptable to America’s voting public.

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