Gabrielle Gifford the Moderate Centerist

Jan. 8, 2011  Gabrielle Gifford was a moderate centrist politician not completely a left wing member of the Democratic Party and she did support the health care bill.  The gun culture of Arizona seems to be anyone can carry a gun everywhere,

Gifford won the election against a Tea Party Candidate and it was a close race but she won. However the hatred that led to this assassination is beyond troubling and requires a full FBI, CIA and the full force of the US government to break this cycle of violence emanating from the Tea Party radical elements that are also gun carrying murderers.

The latest news is that seven people were killed along with Representative Giffords who is now reported by NPR news but this is unconfirmed. Regardless of whether the Congresswoman lives or dies she has been cited as a target by Sarah Palin who’s motto is to : not retreat but to Reload.  The symbolism here is barbaric, dangerous and incites violence among the radical elements that the GOP Tea Party have targeted for support.  The Crazies as they are called are part of this madness based on violent gun toting anger and Sarah Palin has had her part in this promotion of the Tea Party as she is considered the Leader of the Tea Party.

The heated nature of the discourse coming from the Tea Party radical elements and those who are against the health care bill which has been echoed by the Republican Party now in power in the House is to destroy the health care bill and any other legislation put forth by the Democrats.

The hatred has now reached the stratosphere of violent assassination attempts and this was the danger zone that was warned about but no one paid attention to the hatred levels in the United States.

The posting of “targets” on politics websites is extremely dangerous and must be stopped.  We cite the Sarah Palin website with targets and her call to “reload” is inciting violence, anger, and an uprising of the Tea Party radical elements.

The Hit List on Sarah Palin's Website-Calls for a Radical Uprising
The Hit List on Sarah Palin's Website-Calls for a Radical Uprising
Sarah Palin Targeted Gabrielle Gifford in Arizona an Extreme Conservative State
Sarah Palin's Target List of Democrat Congress Representatives

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