G-8 Summit 2010

The G-8 Summit 2010 in Canada takes place in Huntsville, Ontario Canada does not really publish an agenda for these world leader talks and the elite group represent the richer nations of the world who are having their Pre-Summit Summit in Canada.  Supposedly we are to believe that these world leaders will be engaging in improvements to the global economy other than help corporations make more profits.  The countries involved have ignored global warming favoring more big oil programs, more offshore drilling and more wealth for their own countries partners.  Just today it was announced that the US Obama administration is allowing BP Oil to start a new drilling site in Alaska.

G-8 Summit-Private Meeting in Huntsville

Security Costs for 8 People at the G-8 Summit 2010

Security alone for these members at the G-8 Summit 2010 is included in the cost Canadian taxpayers will pay over 1.2 billion dollars but the amount will likely rise to over 2 billion dollars, most of which is 24 hour round the clock police protect for 8 people.  They are after all only 8 people-ordinary people that control the world’s monetary and economic policies.

Canada, Stephen Harper Conservative Prime Minister
France: Nicolas Sarkozy President
United States- President Barack Obama
United Kingdom: David Cameron, Coalition Prime Minister
Russia: Dmitry Medvedev, President
Germany: Angela Merkel, Chancellor
Japan, Naoto Kan – Prime Minister
Italy: Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister

There is an additional expense of over 20 million for entertainment for these 8 people at the G8- Summit who will enjoy food, music, wine and dine as they contemplate the scenery in Huntsville, Ontario.  Will the G-8 study how to further destroy their economies, put more people in poverty and grow the economy for corporate interests as they did last year?

The G-8 Canada Summit 2010 requires the shutting down of businesses, roads and the economy for these eight people is not only extravagant and loss of business for Toronto, the needless loss of income will cost Canadians much more that one billion dollars.  Tourism in the summer is gravy time and this is causing visitors to avoid the whole southern part of Ontario including Americans visiting at the border.  The security nightmare alone for these 8 people some who refer to them as dignitaries required a 5.6 million dollar fence 9 feet high to be built which is 3 kilometers long in the middle of downtown Toronto.

Canada’s Political Climate

Police are on 24 hour security detail starting a week ago, and some trucks and vehicles are being stopped an inspected coming into Toronto. Some Canadian political critics are calling it the “Billion Dollar Boondoggle“, which is a phrase used by politicians to describe a huge mistake on the part of the Harper government who believes more deficits are better for the economy.  While Canada’s economy did not completely crash as in the United States due to the fact that Canadian banks are under government control and are financially stable, the recession is still very much alive and well.

More people fell below the poverty line since 2008 collapse of Wall Street and the conservative government gives tax breaks to corporations not people.  Harper is not well liked in Canada and hangs by a thread without the majority of votes needed in Parliament to effectively create legislation and policies and he has never enjoyed a majority government.  The Liberal and New Democratic Parties are considering joining forces to defeat the Harper government and have several times come close to a non-confidence vote.  Harper’s response to this is to shut down the government to avoid this vote and the Governor General Michele Jean has entertained Harper’s requests.

Toronto in Lock Down for G-8- G-20 Summit 2010

The Ontario Art Gallery, the CN Tower, banks and corporate offices will all be closed during the Summit and the US State Department has issued a warning to Americans traveling to Southern Ontario during the Summit due to violent demonstrations.  Canadian protesters included the disabled and engaging the military to fend off protesters in wheelchairs is overkill by the Harper government. All roads leading from and to Huntsville the site of the G-8 Summit and Toronto the site of the G-20 Summit will be closed, blocked off and inaccessible to local residents.  The Toronto airport is heavily guarded with police monitoring any suspected protesters and will most likely not allow entrance to the area to known protesters.

Why these 8 leaders and their entourage require so much protection and security is beyond comprehension.  The G-8 and G-20 Summit 2010 in Toronto costs 1 billion dollars while the poverty level of Canada one of the richest nations is at an all time high. The kicker is the World Summit in 2010 on poverty as one of the issues to be discussed  costs 1 billion dollars for security alone.

If you divide it amongst each leader that costs Canadians $ 125,000,000 dollars per leader.  Are they worth the expense? Will the world benefit from the G-8 2010 World Summit, or is it a billion dollar photo op for political campaigns?  If these leaders need this much security from the people that elected them, there is much wrong with this picture.

The G-8 Summits in the past have never changed current economic policy, did not prevent Wall Street from gambling and has ignored global ecological  disasters. Although these countries promised to change regulations on banks and financial investment firms the quasi regulations have left loopholes for a financial collapse could occur again.  The failures of Greece, Italy, Spain and other European countries with bloated deficits have yet to rein in their spending and the United States is close to the danger zone with a run-away deficit.  The USA has been funding two wars that cost 15 billion per month with borrowed money from China and this will be their demise.

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