Fukushima Blowing Higher Than Expected Radiation

Some one tell Japan to shut down their Nuclear Reactors before they blow up the world and now.

Alarming high rates of radiation and the government and TEPCO are hiding the truth, there is an enormous amount of radiation at the Daiichi Plants.

What is shocking is that the leaking radiation has already destroyed the fishing industry with contaminated fish. No fish caught off the coasts of Japan is safe to eat although fisherman are fishing the waters.


Fukushima Plants must be closed down and sealed for 50 years or more as they are still leaking enormously high amounts of radiation into the atmosphere.  Certainly if scientists can design nuclear plants they must be able to design a shut off system. 

Or perhaps, Japan is refusing to seal off the damaged fuel rods or hasn’t figured out how to do it yet.  Either way, the world community must gather a petition to force Japan to clean up their damaged plants and seal them with the required cement and stop the radiation leaks.