Fracking Threatens Beer Maker- Drinking Water and More

Fracking Threatens Beer Maker- Drinking Water and More

Americans will not really get serious about fracking gas until it threatens their beer, never mind the water they drink.

But when you get to threatening beer, bro you on shaky ground.

We all know that fracking the earth for natural gas pollutes the ground water with enormous amounts of toxic fluids, direct injection into the ground.

These toxic, deadly chemicals seeps into aquifers which is the watershed (ground water), which ends up in your kitchen tap or any business that requires water to produce their product like:

Beer Makers!!

A particular beer maker in New York, Brooklyn Brewery is concerned that New York State if it allows gas fracking it will contaminate his business which is making beer. Steve Hindy owner and founder of Brooklyn Brewery always thought that “The New York City water system as being one of the 8 wonders of the world”.

Hindy says that fracking will threaten the purity of his beer and his brewery like New Yorkers depend on clean, drinkable water. He’s right, the water he would obtained would probably contain lethal chemicals such as: ethylene glycol (antifreeze) 

If you drink beer, you’ll be concerned about the quality of beer, and gas or hydrolic fracking could wipe out the beer industry and many other companies that depend on clean, filtered and safe water, not toxic waste dumped water.

Environmental reports show that the laws that regulate fracking in New York State are very weak, and the city of New York’s watershed, where it draws drinking water from is primarily one of the largest unfiltered water systems in the world!!

Exposed to these chemicals not only beer but water, or any restaurant foods, in your home or office will be dispensing fracked toxic water.


The evidence in Pennsylvania clearly shows cities who’s drinking water is now permanently damaged forever by massive amounts of gas fracking because the state sits on an enormous deposit of natural gas beneath the earth and under the shale rock.

To blast this rock gas companies like Halliburton came up with the most destructive method that threatens human life- toxic drinking water.

What the natural gas and oil companies are continuing to do will destroy drinking water in America, for good. Instead of importing gas, or oil on top of that- Americans will be importing water from foreign countries.

Plain drinking water and it will cost more than a barrel of oil. Which is cheaper, finding green energy sources, or continuing with fossil fuels that are destroying every natural resource known to the planet?

Which will cost more in the long run, gas or water? Save your Beer New York! Stamp out Fracking Now.

Brooklyn Brewery Has a Long Rich History in Beer Making for New Yorkers

NEWS ALERT:  At this time gas drillers are fighting those regulations with New York State, those that hold leases on the New York Marcellus Shale area of the state. The state government gave the green light to developers this year. Environmental groups are pushing back with a ban on shale gas hydro fracking and restrict the move. Who will win is anyone’s guess.


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