Fracking Gas Company Breaking the Law

Updated Feb. 26, 2011

Sept. 13, 2010  Fracking Gas in Drinking Water-Pollution USA

Our water wells are being poisoned our children are getting sick -you can blow up your kitchen by putting a match to your faucet because of the amount of gas from Facking.  Conservationists and home owners suspect the US government to be allowing hydraulic fracturing from companies such as Haliburton and BJ Services to continue polluting the drinking water of Americans.

What is Hydraulic Fracturing or Gas Fracking

Fracking is a process called hydraulic fracturing and just like the oil leak in the Gulf the FDA approves of the water quality in Pennsylvania as safe. It is far from safe.

The 2005 Bush Cheney Energy Bill exempts gas company’s form disclosing the chemicals they use in extracting natural gas for their corporate friends including Halliburton that Cheney has a financial interest. Effectively they bypassed the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act and allowed the contamination of human drinking water.  It gives gas company’s the Loophole they have that breaks the 1974 act and the same problem that caused the BP Oil explosion of poor cementing of the well casing is the major cause of gas contamination of drinking water.

See: Gasland The Movie

This is not a safe process and the Federal Safe Drinking Water regulations are not regulating gas company’s who drill for natural gas. Again the pollution involved is permanently destroying fresh water sources in the 17 states where this process is allowed.

The conservation of the water supply is one of the greatest duties a government has and approving gas leaking into human drinking water or any drinking water is completely illegal.  Pennsylvania homes are at risk because there is no system in place to make sure toxic diesel fuel is not in the drinking water says Lynn Senick of the North Pennsylvania Gas Action group.

The EPA act exempts gas companies from regulations similar to the EPA’s governance of the oil leases to BP oil, it was open territory for oil companies in the Gulf without inspections and without regulation enforcement.

Send a Letter, or Call your representatives and read more about what you can do:

Environmental Working Group -there are links to petitions you can send.

Any government foolish enough to allow an industry to “self regulation” is playing voters for fools and endangering human life and especially the US government which lacks the fortitude to enforce laws.  People are getting sick and tired of corporate interests and influence peddlers such as the lobbyists who represent gas company interests.

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Videos on Gas Fracking -The EPA allows this toxic sludge that has seeped into drinking water in nearby cities. Watch the video on gas blowup of drinking water faucet.

Do Not Drink the Water

Water samples sent to independent lab tested and are off the charts-the EPA has not sent a report for 9 months on test results and are covering up for the gas companies involved.
The DEP says it is safe to Drink- brown oily water and even after the Department of Environmental Protection took 3 vials for samples no results were made public.  However the Independent Labs said the water was full of toxins and blew all levels of toxicity.
This is a direct result of too much corruption in government with gas company lobbyist.

People who leased land to gas company’s for drilling are not protected by US government laws and their land is damaged forever.

This video was taken two years ago and Halliburton’s gas drilling still goes on as this man says in the video they lie, they lie, they lie. Property owners losing their land as gas company’s pollute private land in Hickory Pennsylvania. Plants dying, fish dying in areas where natural gas is being fracked and the government does nothing. The vegetation died yet the Department of Evironmental Protection did noes not think this is a problem in drinking water safety.

Gas in Drinking Water Faucet in a Household-see Video

The Ciron has an update on hearings where land owners that leased land to gas company’s that render them totally damaged and environmentally butchered. (Update: Feb. 26, 2011 Ciron removed the link to this article).

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