Fox News Obama Doesn’t Care about Americans

April 23, 2011 Fox News Obama Doesn’t Care about Americans

It’s one thing to accuse President Obama of not being Superman and quickly correcting all George Bush’s mistakes in 3 short years,  but saying on national television that the man is

“not concerned or caring about what is hurting Americans”.

Totally outrageous.

In this newsworthy story, the reporter who claims they are running a  fair and balanced story is blaming Obama for high gas prices which every President has experienced for the past two decades.

Is Fox News insinuating that President Obama is not listening to Americas?  Fox News has not obviously been reporting at Obama’s trips the past few weeks across country stimulating employment pockets to spur the economy on to create more jobs.

Guess they missed all that.

Today, Obama initiated a Task force to investigate price gouging in the oil and gas industry. The rise in gas prices has no basis in reality, there are no shortages and enough gas and oil for the world’s needs but before every summer gas prices start to skyrocket.  Summer being the busiest travel season for Americans who drive cross country and take more vacations or trips during this period.

The political platform for the GOP who are running a freak show on Fox News under the guise of “news worthy” stories when actually they are cover ups for continued 24/7 political attacks on the administration.

If any organization should be de-funded it is the trash on Fox News and Rupert Murdoch who’s perversions include taping famous celebrities and politicians.  Rupert rag in the UK is famous for sleazy pictures of women used in porno magazines.