Fourth of July in the Gulf

July 3, 2010 The Fourth of July in the Gulf is a depressing holiday with empty beaches, empty restaurants and a malaise that has affected the residents of the Gulf.  The Fourth is one of the biggest holiday weekends if the summer season, and empty beaches means big economic losses for four US states.

Fourth of July in the Gulf- Empty Beaches

Fireworks displays, barbeques, festivals, fairs that dot the landscape this time of year are all cancelled or hold little promise of attracting residents or tourists to visit the Gulf region this summer.

The BP gulf oil spill affects every aspect of the economy including industries that depend on tourists visitng the attractions and the beaches especially on the Fourth of July- the US independence Day.  Yet it seeps that the very oil we are so co-dependent on is destroying our very livelihood and our lives.  The Fourth stands for a celebration to be free and yet freedom from this disaster seems impossible and unlikely.

The Fourth of July in the Gulf in 2010 has stopped visitors from coming to the ocean that have done so for 20 or 30 years.  The Fourth of July in the Gulf has us now looking at advisories that say “no swimming: and red flags that indicate the water’s poor quality due to the oil and dispersants.  From the Florida beaches through the Panhandle, over to Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi the Fourth of July will be the lowest income of the summer.

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  1. BP is a terrorist organization the same as Al Qaeda and BP Corporate officers have committed a terrorist act against America by murdering Americans and destroying the Gulf of Mexico (in process). Simply declare BP a terrorist organization and send all company officers to Guantanamo for daily waterboarding until they confess (Bush & Cheney solution) then introduce them to Cuban firing squad. The patriot act would apply and all problems are solved.

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