Forcible Strip Search of Female By Male Ohio Cops

Forcible Strip Search of Female By Male Cops

In Stark County, Ohio Police have forcibly strip searched a woman when a call for help was put into the police as she was the victim of an attack.

The woman’s name is Hope Steffey and she was brought into the Stark Police station and as the video tape shows she was stripped naked by male and female police officers who removed all her clothing.

The police assault happened on October 20, 2006, after Hope was assaulted by her cousin and had a friend call the police. The police claim she was suicidal and needed to be stripped naked to protect herself. The case was settled out of court later with the Stark police admitting no blame in their actions.

There was no legal reason for the police to strip search the subject of an attack, and she was then left completely naked in a cell for six hours. Her screams can be heard as the male police officer removes her sweater, bra, pants, shoes and underpants all on video tape.

Two male officers are seen stripping a female citizen of all her clothing which amounts to the same type of torture in the ABu Grhraib style handling of prisoners that happened in Iraq during the Bush administration.

The tape is very difficult to watch but what is more frightening is that strip searches are now allowed to happen in the United States against citizens. The Supreme Court just ruled in a 5 to 4 votes that anyone being held in jail can be strip searched no matter what the offense.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled yesterday than inmates arrested and put in jail can be strip searched for no reason other than to intimidate, humiliate a citizen for any reason. This new ruling means that if your arrested for a traffic violation you can be physically strip searched or jaywalking or an accident, or for being “suspicious”.

Most people thought this only happens in wars, in Iraq at Abu Ghraib prison where US military routinely humiliated Iraqi’s, taliban and Al Queda prisoners by stripping them naked and injuring them. Hope was injured also for no reason, her body was slammed to the ground until she almost suffocated. Her screams are a chilling reminder that the

The United States has become a virtual police state where the state has all rights to molest citizens at the airport including children, molest and strip search “accused but not convicted citizens” and to shoot a drone anywhere on USA soil under the NDAA.

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All Gov Supreme Court Rules Jailers Correct in Strip Search Anti-War Nun

Sister Bernie Galvin a Catholic nun who lives in San Francisco was arrested in 2003 in an anti-war demonstration and charged with trespassing was then strip searched by police including a “body cavity search”.

The case was brought up to the Supreme Court and the dissent statement by Justice Breyer pointed out “that people are being strip searched for a noisy Muffler or failing to use a turn signal” such minor offences.

The case decision confirms that not only is the US a police state, but this fact will certainly deter any tourists who wanted to visit the United States. The Supreme Court is over the top in a conservative activism that is harming the civil rights of the citizens and represents the atrocities of the US justice system.