Foodborne Sickness Skyrockets HealthCare Costs

You have only to go to the FDA website and read how many food recalls are posted every day and each year the amount grows of food contamination in the United States.

What Foods Have Bacteria?

Today every type of food from: eggs, meat, fish. chicken, pork, juice, baby food, dog food, milk, processed foods, lettuce, cheese, bacon, sandwich slices, peanuts and many beverages are contaminated.

Salmonella and E.Coli bacteria samples

Just about any food you can think of and included in that list is fruit, like strawberries, cherries and blueberries. All of these foods have been on the recall list at the FDA, in the past few years because of bacterial contamination. However, they have done very little to stop or prevent it and agencies like the USDA even approve of e.coli in pink slime refuse sold as hamburger or “Lean Ground Beef”.

The public is not aware that food may be a leading cause of diseases, including death and very little is done about it Congress or the Obama administration, apparently the President likes junk food and eats hamburgers frequently at greasy spoon restaurants.

Perhaps he is just too naive, or uneducated to realize he’s probably eating pink slime and doesn’t even know it.

The United States has reduced the quality of food and completely ignored sanitary food processes from the factory food manufacturers to the grocery shelf for too many years. It is not just meat production either, it is now everything produced in factory farms know as large corporate food makers that have no regulatory standards enforcement by the government.

Agent Orange in US Food?

The inclusion recently, of agent orange approved by the US Dept. of Agriculture is the most absurd decision in history.

Agent Orange a deadly chemical was used to spray in the jungles of Vietnam in the 1960’s to kill the Vietcong, yet it is now approved on US farm crops as a pesticide to be eaten by American families.

The public is totally unaware of what is in their food, let alone how it is grown and with what chemicals are being used by the government.  All these four agencies the FDA, USDA, NIH and CDC say that today’s food is totally safe.

Foodborne Bacteria- What is it?

There are 250 known bacteria now present in American food, and new bacteria cultures are being discovered every day.  This bacteria causes food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and stomach pains when eaten. Yet, the government does not inspect or determine what causes the increased amount of bacteria in food.

Toxic Chemical Pesticides, Sprays and GMO

More food illness is caused by toxic chemical sprays, Genetically Modified Organisms that no one knows about which are created in Monsanto laboratories and parasites. 

Viruses including MRSA and H1N1 are being found in US made foods for the first time in history besides the e-coli and salmonella poisoned foods.

CDC Figures on Foodborne Illnesses

The CDC estimates that 76 million people a year are sickened by food poisoning and some millions more are never reported. The seriously sickened, approximately 325,000 are going to emergency centers in hospitals with severe cases. Out of those, 5,000 die of food poisoning each and every year and the figures are staggering.

The list of food bacteria includes: E.Coli, Listeriosis, Botulism, shigella, Hepatitis A, Campylobacter and salmonella, just to name a few.

A steady diet of food poisoning will cause death eventually and symptoms can appear very quickly as soon as the food hits the digestive tract. The most recent shocking news was that of pink slime approved for kids school lunches by the USDA who bought 7 million pounds of the slaughterhouse refuse.

As parents realized what Pink Slime was, a massive campaign started and schools are now given a choice whether they buy pink slime but the USDA has still left it as an approved ingredient mixed with real hamburger ground meat.


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Photos Courtesy of Coastal Pathogens


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