Fish Bird Kill Worldwide

Jan 7, 2011  Fish Bird Kill Worldwide has been puzzling scientists and people who live in states such as Arkansas near the Arkansas River where the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission are investigating the fish kill.

What is Killing Millions of Fish in Chesapeake Bay Maryland?

2 Million Fish Dead in Chesapeake Bay Maryland
2 Million Fish Dead in Chesapeake Bay Maryland

The answers are still unclear but methane gas, algae and cold temperatures are some of the possible reasons why fish are dying in large numbers in the United States. Apparently in Arkansas the fish kill affects one species the Drum Fish.During the same time thousands of birds died suddenly and fell from the sky in large numbers again a mysterious death that cannot be explained by firecrackers from New Years Eve.

Arkansas estimates 100,000 fish have died in the past week of no explained reason and no official statements from the government have been issued as a definitive cause for the massive fish and bird kill.

Meanwhile in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland 2 million fish have died, and worldwide reports hours ago indicate that

40,000 crabs died in Britain-said to have been caused by extremely cold temperatures

150 tons of red tilapia in Vietnam have been found dead

Dead Crabs in Britain 2011
Dead Crabs in Britain 2011

Federal officials stated these deaths occur at all times but we do not notice them.  The US Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center from Wisconsin stated these questionable reasons:

At times the sky and the streams are just dead

Sometimes it is pollution

Other times it is just a mystery

Not a very scientific indication that the governments of these countries doing a thoroughly researched study of why the wildlife around the world is dying in great numbers suddenly in one week. Normally the official government response has been these kills are unrelated but the mystery is continuing to trouble people.

Yet there are more reports that are troubling such as:

2 million fish dead in Chesapeake Bay Maryland

900 turkey vultures drowned

4,300 ducks killed by parasites in Minnisota

1,500 salamanders killed by a virus in Idaho

2,000 bats died in Texas of rabies

2,750 sea birds in California

3,000 to 5,000 black birds in Arkansas

100,000 ducks in Canada died of botulism

more dead fish in California

Lubbock, Texas Lake Meredith 20,000 gizzard shad fish dead Jan. 7, 2011 algae or low oxygen?

The numbers are staggering and the deaths continue to mount a troublesome trend in the death of our wildlife not only in North America but around the world.

Dead Fish in Louisiana -Dead Zone of the Gulf Oil Spill 2010
Dead Fish in Louisiana -Dead Zone of the Gulf Oil Spill 2010

The summary of causes for the deaths range from parasite, virus, rabies, botulism, cold weather, firecrackers, chemicals, methane gases, and various forms of water and air pollution.  The fear stems from the fact that if these factors are killing wildlife are they killing mankind as well?

Last fall in September of 2010 a massive number of fish showed up dead in Louisiana and no one really noticed it. The National Geographic stated it was “unusual low levels of oxygen in the waters” could have caused the fish kill. The possibility that the Gulf Oil Spill could have caused this kill since the deadly chemical Corexit 9500 was used by the millions of gallons to sink the oil to the bottom of the Gulf. The area is now called The Dead Zone.

The factors remain that the extinction of some species which are occurring in greater numbers is alarming and a sign that the planet is dying.  Wildlife dying is of great importance in gauging the amount of pollutants both in water and air which does have a causal effect on dying wildlife including the fish kills.

For more information check out the : National Wildlife Health Center

Video of Dying Wildlife January 2011

Dead Animals Australia News 2011- Disease or Cold Weather -Birds, Fish Dying World Wide

For those that look for other explanations than the scientific answers of mystery, diseases or cold temperatures many people look for a spiritual reason.

The spiritual signs for the start of a New Year are ominous and in the bible some would quote these occurences as the End of Days.

In any regard, they indicate on one level this is a Bad Omen for the New Year of 2011

- you decide.

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