First Lady’s Plane Averts Mid-Air Accident

April 20, 2011   First Lady’s Plane was dangerously close on Monday to a mid air catastrophy and was forced to abort it’s landing. The First Lady’s plane came too close to a military air cargo

Executive One-Foxtrot was Mrs. Obama’s plane had to avert an upset in mid air and the first lady’s pilot successfully changed coarse and looped back around for a landing.

Controllers again allowed the First Lady’s plane when she made a brief trip to New York to attend various functions including the View and was to return back to DC airport. The planes got too close and were to be 5 miles apart and they were 3 miles apart a dangerous happening for Wake Turbulence where the air draft from one plane affects the other. The First Lady’s plane had to make some tricky maneovers and S curves to avoid an accident and an attempted landing at Andrew’s Air Force base was averted.

Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden was also on the plane as well as Michelle Obama and an investigation is underway. The recent rash of about 8 near misses or possible problems in air controllers being too tired on the job.
The President was visibly angry at the incident involving his wife’s plane and insisted that an investigation would be in place and the problems are unacceptable.

The Washington Post reports that controller errors are up 51 percent this past year due to a new reporting system the FAA introduced.

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