FDA’s Warning Letters – To Dr. Andrew Weil

Recently the FDA has fired off a warning letter to Dr. Andrew Weil for his website and in particular the site references to the herb Astragalus.  The FDA wants Dr. Weil to comply with their order that he remove the herb with any references to Swine Flu or the Swine Flu virus.

Little does the FDA know that a more important research is being conducted at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center who are studying the herb in its applications to cancer research.

The Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has indicated that the ancient Chinese herb Astragalus has been used for centuries for asthma related breathing problems.

Quote: ” Astragalus may also suppress airway hyper reactivity associated with allergic asthma in vivo”.  It is also know to reduce fatigue in athletes and has a very strong benefit to the immune system.

The Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center is also stating that the herb Astagalus is also benefits treatments for hepatocellular cancers.  hepatocellular carcinoma HCC is also called malignant hepatoma which is a primary maligancy of the liver or liver cancer.

The Uses of Astragalus are Purported to be used in:

Cardiovascular diseases

Chemotherapy side effects

The common cold- that would be flu like symptoms

HIV and AIDS- that is a very severe deadly infection

Immunostimulation- which is the stimulation of an immune response (natural response)

Microbial infections -that would be like the flu, colds, viruses, bacterial infections.

Strength and stamina- as used in sports

The herb Astragalus works similarly to strengthen the immune system, enhances the immune systems ability to kill cancer cells and has a role in preventing age related diseases by acting as a fighter of brain aging. When used by athletes it increases the use of oxygen in the body and increases their performance.

Now you have to wonder why the FDA has such a hate on for Astragalus because it sounds perfectly as a Swine Flu inhibitor.  If it is being studied for diseases such as cancer and AID’s why would it not be completely applicable to be used for the H1N1 vaccine.

The Sloan Kettering reports -No adverse effects from the use of Astragalus have been reported.  This means there are no side effects.  China has conducted their own studies and Astragalus still remains a very important part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and unless the FDA wants to tango with China on the uses of this herb surely China will tell them what to do with their warning letters.

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Read more on the use of Astragalus by the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Source: The Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center

The University of Maryland has been reporting some amazing information on the power of this herb and that it strengthens the body against diseases.  Astragalus even adapts to changing stresses of the body from mental, physical and emotional stress. The Maryland website indicates that Astragalus has the ability to prevent colds, upper lung infections, diabetes and protects the liver.

Astragalus has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is use to heal wounds.  The website goes on to say that ” astragalus has antiviral properties” and stimulates the immune system naturally and that it is effective to “prevent colds”.

So there you have it -the FDA is trying to suppress healthy herbs that work to prevent Swine Flu in favor of approving a Swine Flu Vaccine that is toxic and sold by drug company’s.

The USA just lost 1 billion dollars in buying a useless vaccine that no one wants to take and they tried to force it on to Americans by using the financial influence over politicians.  Namely one very famous politician who is on the Board of Directors of the drug company that stands to profit from the H1N1 Vaccine and that is none other than one Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld made 5 million dollars in his pocket from the bird flu when he sold shares in the bio-tech company that developed Tamiflu. Mr. Rumsfeld was on the Board of Directors of a company called Gilead which was bought by the drug giant Roche -which now makes the H1n1 Virus vaccine.

What a small world of corrupt politicians and drug company profits.

Souce: the University of Maryland Medical Center


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