FDA Recalls Pharmaceutical Acetaminophen

Feb. 8, 2011  FDA Recalls Pharmaceutical Acetaminophen and Phenobarbital prdoucts

Another recall for  Hydrocodone Bitartrate which is a narcotic and acetaminophen tablets which were produced and distributed in the US and Puerto Rico from September 21 to December 29, 2010 are being recalled.

Previously Percocet and Vicodin were recalled dating back to 2009 for Acetaminophen used in those products and combined with other painkillers which has not been tested or studied.

The FDA advisory panel cited that there is liver damage and death from ACETAMINOPHEN products used in painkillers.

Tylenol contains acetaminophen which increases the risk of liver damage especially over long periods of time of use of these over the counter drugs which are very powerful and the effects have not been studied.

Vicodin has been prescribed over 100 million times alone in the USA.

Acetaminophen is used in many over the counter pain and cold remedies such as NyQuil

There have been many alerts issued from the FDA due to :

Labeling errors  Feb. 8, 2011

side effects: Risk of fractures  Jan. 26, 2010

liver damage May 28, 2009

Limits of quantity in painkillers Jan. 14, 2011

The FDA has failed to have a clear ruling on which drugs should contain Acetaminophen and limiting its use especially in over the counter drugs where consumers tend to medicate themselves and the drugs are freely available to anyone.

The many issues of drug overdoses from prescription drugs have shown these drugs are dangerous.

If consumers are unaware of these alerts when they are not being monitored the danger is the person may be getting several doses of acetaminophen in several over the counter drugs and not knowing of the danger. There are warnings but there are no warnings of mixing over the counter drugs with prescription drugs since these drugs came on the market.

Source: FDA Recall of Phenobarbital Products and Acetaminophen

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