FDA Hides Cymbalta Suicides

FDA Hides Cymbalta Suicides

The FDA drug induced policies of approving Anti-Depressants for Pain requires approval from a panel of drug company executives who are acting in the public’s best interest which is as misguided and corrupt as you can get.

The drug company Eli Lilly with a history of falsifying information and continues to seek broader definitions and uses for its drugs to increase profits and sales but they have been slapped with criminal charges in the recent past.  Now a panel at the FDA must decide whether to approve a suicidal drug for its use as a pain killer.   The drug will be more commonly available and will be used by more patients who do not have a mental psychotic illness.  This could prove fatal and a disaster unfolding in people popping pain killers like candy the addictive or abuse factor of this drug are enormous.

FDA Hides Cymbalta Suicides

Cymbalta is not one of the tested traditional pain medications and is made for depression and bi-polar and mental ailments.

There are different ingredients in Cymbalta  than an aspirin and attempting to blend in Cymbalta as a pain medication will confuse and damage perfectly healthy adults, children or the elderly and could cause depression not—-relieve pain.

Cymbalta is made of duloxetine HCI on a delayed release basis which has these side effects:

Cymbalta is a SSNRI used in major depressive disorders not as a pain medication and it can cause suicidal depression.  The major side effect besides suicide is liver damage to patients.


Anxiety, agitation, weight loss, sexual side effects, shaky tremors, hot flashes, stomach pain, dizziness,


Also how does this drug for depression interact with other medications?  Do we know, is the FDA going to tell us?  Which drugs do not mix?

The story of Traci Johnson from Rense.com

” When the body of a 19-year-old student, Traci Johnson, was found hanging from a shower rod in the laboratories of pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly, US officials were quick to announce that the death could not be linked to a new anti-depressant drug she was helping to test. “

Here was an actual suicide on the premises of Eli Lilly and the FDA still denied it had any connection to Cymbalta the drug she was a test guinea pig for during the clinical trials.

The FDA’s Misguided Priorities

What the FDA Isn’t Telling You – SLATE

Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005

Writing in SLATE, Jeanne Lenzer has uncovered evidence demonstrating FDA culpability in helping drug manufacturers conceal vital, life-saving information from the public. In this case, undisclosed suicides in clinical trials testing Eli Lilly’s drug, duloxetine (trade names: Cymbalta sold as antidepressant; Yentreve, when tested for incontinence). The company and the FDA refused to disclose the suicides that occurred in clinical trials testing duloxetine for incontinence in non-depressed patients and volunteers – such as 19-year old Traci Johnson who suicided at Lilly’s laboratory.

The FDA approving this drug for pain is like opening the doors to use any drug for any purpose and it is all based on allowing a known drug company violator of law to do their own testing.


Eli Lilly Past History of Criminal Charges on False information


Going back a few years the FDA also approved Zyprexa a drug made by Eli Lilly. The anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa which was a treatment for dementia and mild forms of schizophrenia was also marketed to children also as well as bi-polar adults. All anti-depressants and drugs for the mind change the blood chemistry of the brain and Eli Lilly made 4.2 billion dollars on the drug.

Eli Lilly and Zyprexa

An investigation starting in 2006 against Eli Lilly who then had to also settled a claim for Zyprexa for only 62 million dollars in damages done to people who took the drug.

See: Fierce Health Care for more information on the lawsuit.

The FDA approved Zyprexa as well.  You can see the profit margin is wide on what the drug company pays out in damages which is a paltry amount and the actual billions in profits made.

Under the settlement Eli Lilly promised to follow ethical marketing guidelines because they fudged the data. Eli Lilly was charged with marketing the drug under different uses which is against the law.


The company allowed its own marketing staff to write medical letters sent to doctors to promote the drug, not exactly ethical or trustworthy.  The FDA allows pharmas to self policing themselves has caused deaths, damage and dangerous side effects.

It seems in 2009 Eli Lilly had the same problem with a 1.415 billion dollar lawsuit against them for off label promoting of  Zyprexia.  It is the largest fine in history plus they were given 515 million dollars in fines for criminal charges. But they still got to keep the other 3 billion dollars they made in profits, so the drug company figures they are still ahead of this game.

THE FDA DRUG GAME: Here’s how it works

A drug company comes up with a drug, produces phony misleading claims and information on the drug.

The Drug company pays doctors, scholars to review the drug boosting the value of such a drug. ( this is called bribery, and racketeering).

The FDA approves the drug since they have no real intelligence to prove the drug works or is safe.

The Drug is released to the masses and deaths, side effects occur on an unsuspecting public.

The pharmas make billions of dollars in profits world wide and their stocks go up on wall street.

The lawyers sue for the damaged public take the drug maker to court, the drug maker postpones the court cases for 10 yrs.

The drug company gets a slap on the wrist and only paltry fines are paid.

They make another drug, with phoney, misleading claims.

The FDA approves the next drug and the corruption continues to plague US health care costs.


This takes the drug Cymbalta to a whole new level and allows direct to consumer advertising meaning the drug company will promote this drug as a pain relieve like aspirins.

Using Cymbalta as a pain reliever will be having people taking an anti-depressant that changes blood chemistry of the brain of a totally normal person.  Suicides have occurred in patients taking Cymbalta.


The FDA encourages no alternatives to a lifetime of buying drugs and taking pain medication.

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It appears that the FDA did not get the truth, the accurate and the results of testing this drug before it was put on the market, and that is caused by the fact that the FDA “allows” the drug companies to be their own approval panel.

The FDA has once again failed to protect the public, and hundreds of people have been confirmed to have been testing this drug or taking the drug and committed suicide.

On this link you can find the number of suicides or deaths related to treatment for depression:



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