FDA-Egg Recall and Jack Decoster’s Wright Egg Farm

Aug 19, 2010 Politicol News Feed -FDA has Egg on their face with 380 million eggs recalled and the numbers are expanded from 220 million yesterday. The total estimate could go higher and each day is getting worse with food safety in America.

But the story begins in the history of this problem and gets worse -much worse as we investigated why this all happened and who is responsible for the salmonella outbreak.

Also included today is  The New List of Egg Recalls

Who: Wright County Egg an industrialized farm.

What: Expanding its recall (original recall date: August 13, 2010)

Which Stores and Brands are affected:

Albertsons, Farm Fresh, James Farms, Glenview, Mountain Dairy, Ralphs, Boomsma, Lund, Kemps and Pacific Coast.

Eggs are packed in varying sizes of cartons (6-egg cartons, dozen egg cartons, 18-egg cartons, and loose eggs for institutional use, schools, deli’s, sandwich counters, restaurants and repackaged to suit the type of distribution.

Identifying Numbers on Egg Cartons:  Julian dates ranging from 136 to 229

Plant numbers 1720 and 1942.

Where: California, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Illinois, Utah, Nebraska, Arkansas, Wisconsin

Who: Wright County Egg
Where: Nationwide


Eggs are packaged under the following brand names:

Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralph’s, Boomsma’s, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps.

Eggs are packed in varying sizes of cartons (6-egg cartons, dozen egg cartons, 18-egg cartons)

Dates: ranging from 136 to 225

Plant numbers 1026, 1413 and 1946.

Why: Possible Salmonella

More: This recall is of shell eggs only.  ( List -courtesy of Newsmax.com)

This makes you wonder if the FDA is working actively to secure the food supply or are just packing a lunch?  Are they protecting our food supply or making it worse by allowing no inspections on industrialized farms such as Smithfields’ and Wright County Egg.

Wright County Egg situated in Galt, Iowa was founded by Jack DeCoster who started in Maine where he was charged with a list of violation.  Decoster then decided to expanded operations to Iowa in a huge industrialized chicken farm in Galt where he is now embroiled in a nation wide recall of a half a billion eggs.

The USDA, FDA and CDC have traced the salmonella involved in the massive outbreak of food poisoning found it’s source at Jack Decosters’ door.

The senior De Coster is the initiator of the massive egg industrial farm that provides eggs through massive distribution routes through many states including California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the State of Iowa itself.

Phone calls to the company have not been returned and they are in hiding trying to block information to the public about their salmonella eggs which will cost them millions if the FDA or CDC had the backbone to fine them for this disgraceful example of tainted industrial farm foods. 

The safety of Americans is worth the effort to insure these industrial farms are following safety regulations when it is obvious that the government is sleeping at the switch. Regulators are not regulating and inspectors are turning a blind eye to corporate farms that can potentially and massively infect a whole nation quickly and effectively poison the nation.

Today the FDA added a vegetable protein and 10,000 more products to the banned foods that are now carrying the deadly salmonella bacteria which can kill.  The media is not covering people who have been made sick by this disgusting filthy food safety record of the FDA.

The government blames the Wright County Egg company and people are sick and tired of playing games with the nation’s food.  If President Obama was seriously considering keeping health care costs down he would shut down these industrialized farms or at least govern their inspections more closely. Instead the FDA is shutting down small milk producers like the Amish farmers who have cleaner standards than the FDA allows in industrialized farms.

The FDA is Falling Down on the Job of Public Food Safety

It is clearly obvious that the FDA is failing to fulfill their mandate and that is to ensure that the US food supply is of the highest quality, does not contain filth, does not contain bacteria and is not allowed to be transported with out inspection inter state or other wise.

The Iowa eggs are causing major problems in Dallas and these eggs are transported across country on any given day by the millions. 

Major lawsuits are already in the works as the nation gets sickened, people are hospitalized with a bacterial poison in their bloodstream. The website for the company is inaccessible on Google and is fronted by many listings from the FDA therefore the company could not be reached for comment.

This egg problem has been consistent since June and for two months the FDA has failed to protect the public from salmonella in eggs sold at big chain grocery stores across the country.

  In June a woman from Galt which is the headquarters for Wright Egg Company – Tanja Dzinovic was sickened by eating a cobb salad made with boiled eggs and she was infected with salmonella enteritidis which sent her to the hospital. The government agencies like to call this infection “enteritidis” but there is no hiding the fact that it is actually food poisoning.

A woman from Galt was sickened by salmonella two months ago which means that anyone who contracted salmonella from June 2010 to yesterday’s announcement could file a lawsuit against Wright Egg as well. Tanja Dzinovic filed a lawsuit against the company which will surely be followed by thousands more across the country.

The Violator Behind the 380 Million Egg Recall that Put Americans lives at risk is Jack Decoster and his Wright Egg Farm operations in Iowa and Maine


Jack DeCoster Responsible for 380 Million Egg Recall-A repeat Violator of Regulations

Eggs in industrialized farms such as Wright Egg are allowed to be covered in rat droppings due to the filthy conditions in industrialized farms and are approved by the lack of FDA inspections which only occur twice per year.

But the details of how these eggs were infected is still not disclosed to the public but the poison could be in the eggs, on the inner shell, or the outer shell but most likely they are in the egg and the bacteria is not killed by boiling or frying the eggs.  Symptoms will not show up for two or three days and most people are unaware they have been infected by the eggs.

History of Violations at DeCoster Industrialized Egg Farm:

Previous Law suits against DeCoster in the 1980’s show that Jack DeCoster pleaded guilty on federal immigration charges and paid 2.1 million in fines then mostly because he hired illegal immigrant workers to work on his industrial farm.  The State of Iowa calls Jack DeCoster a repeat offender of environmental laws, immigration laws, rape, animal abuse and other charges.  The Supreme Court ruled that Jack DeCoster could not build a hog containment farm for his son Peter DeCoster when they applied for a license.

See:  (PDF Report on DeCoster Criminal Activities and Past Fines for Violations).

Still today the 220 million contaminated eggs has been increased to a recall of 380 million eggs to be destroyed by returning them to the vendor.  As Bob Marler reports these CEO’s with criminal records continue to run their flop farms are filthy rich but are killing people with the approval of the FDA.

More information on the Decoster Industrialized Farm corporation:

MFA Blog  Cruelty Investigations in Egg Farms

Video on Animal Cruelty on Industrialized Farms ( not for children).

The Wright Egg Farm uses battery cage confinement shown in the video above.

The chickens are kept in confined spaces, live in filthy conditions which breeds salmonella.

Decoster Farms has also been an industrial polluter of land and water.

Decoster Farms has exposed workers to lethal asbestos in the chicken houses.

Decoster Farms hires illegal workers at its plants and has been accused of harassment of those workers.

Decoster himself has been charged with raping poor migrant female workers on his farm and threatened to fire them if they reported his actions.

July 1996 Decoster was fined 3.6 million dollars for mistreatment of migrant workers forcing them to handle manure and dead chickens with their bare hands.

Iowa State has named Decoster as a habitual violator of state and federal regulations and laws and today the Decosters are responsible for a 388 million dollar FDA recall that risked the lives of millions of Americans.

In May, 2010 The Maine authorities fined Jack Decoster only $ 34,674.11 for cruelty to animals at one of his egg farms in Turner, Maine.  The company admitted guilt to 10 counts of animal cruelty, when the Maine state officials saw the video tape (see below) they still allowed this farm to continue its operations.

There were 81,000 caged chickens in one barn alone and wired cages held 5 birds in one cage.

Figures quoted from the Sun Journal

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Editors Note: We need the last inspection date of when the FDA approved, inspected and allowed this farm to continue putting the public at risk.


Updated August 20, 2010  MSNBC Video

Updated: August 26, 2010

The number of recalled eggs has reached 880 million eggs as California has recalled another 330 million eggs which came from Wright County Egg in Iowa.  Another farm nearby Hallandale Farms which is connected to Wright County Egg by either sharing the same chickens or feed also has had to recall its eggs. 

Today the FDA is attempting to announce the use of vaccines for chickens to prevent salmonella rather than enforcing stricter sanitary regulations on factory farms.

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10 thoughts on “FDA-Egg Recall and Jack Decoster’s Wright Egg Farm”

  1. What happened to “(PDF Report on DeCoster Criminal Activities and Past Fines for Violations).” Strangely, it’s no longer available

  2. Starling the whole point of having local health inspectors is to protect the food supply and we disagree that the FDA does not have the funds or manpower to do their job protect Americans against a half a billion eggs!! This is too obviously a major problem that affected 17 States.

    Secondly there are state health inspectors on every level of government that are simply turning a blind eye to industrial farms, the American standards are so very low compared to the European system of food safety. The government at the federal level believes salmonella is perfectly safe. ( see our next article for more details). There are city health inspectors, state health inspectors and federal health inspectors – how many inspectors do we need for all our food to be safe? Instead of inspecting the culprits which are the large industrial farms that are more likely to have poor sanitation. The FDA head administrator is totally responsible for these poor decisions and lack of regulating industrial farms you are quite right that the rotten apples are at the top of the barrel that are corrupted.

    We can agree that the employees that do the leg work do have a work ethic and follow orders and our point is that the heads of the FDA are making poor business decisions, are failing to inspect commercial farms, fail to protect the food supply and it is beyond dangerous.

    We all visited farms when we were kids and they did not look at all like the Wright Egg Farm nor was any farm allowed to produce food that had that many violations against them as Wright Egg does if you check their history. In the past these CEO’s would be thrown in jail and their farm would be shut down. The manure from Wright Egg farm was allowed to leech into the ground water which would get into the drinking water of surrounding towns but no one cares as long as donations are made to campaign contributions. This type of farm if they are not following safety regulations on their waste materials – can kill people!!

    Where is the Senator from Iowa on this major recall, where is the Governor of Iowa on this issue? Dead silence. Why did the State of Iowa’s inspectors miss this obvious contaminated farm? What about the county health inspectors were they all missing in action?

    On a side note: your wrong about boiling or cooking the salmonella eggs. This does not kill ALL the bacteria if an egg is infected with salmonella poison. If you read our articles you will note that this problem surfaced in June in Galt Iowa when a woman ate a cobb salad that contained a boiled egg. She was taken to the hospital with food poisoning and yes it was salmonella that they traced back to Wright Egg, in the same town.
    This was in June, 2010 almost 3 months ago.

    The point being is that she ate a boiled egg that was presumably cooked however she still got sick. Why would anyone eat any eggs that would – could poison them?
    For the sake of $2.70 – take it back to the store or throw the eggs into the garbage can because that is where they belong- garbage. We noticed the CDC is claiming the same false information -that cooking the eggs kills all the bacteria and that is a risky recommendation.

    IF the FDA and CDC had the safety of the public in mind they would advise to throw the eggs out – all o them and not to consume any until this is thoroughly investigated and all eggs are inspected. Just a few days after the Wright Egg farm another farm was found to have salmonella in their eggs also, and who knows how many industrial farms are producing the same poisons.

    In conclusion the FDA needs to be overhauled and they need to get to work and protect Americans from sickness, hospitalizations and possible death from eating a simple egg. It is atrociously disgusting for a person not to trust the government is on the job, every day, 24 hours a day protecting the very food we eat. Check out the FDA Recall List – you may wish to take it with you instead of a grocery list.
    If you go to the site you will see there is another egg company recall. It is disgusting that Americans are being fed garbage that could possibly kill them. Think of the higher health care costs to taxpayers by allowing such a failed system to continue and a failed FDA.

    Susan Adams
    Contributing Author

  3. We agree Rick and the failures of both the FSIS and the FDA to protect the public’s interest which is to stay alive while consuming food made within our own country the standards are very low as we have just seen with the 500 million egg recall. This should never be allowed to have happened and the most disturbing part is that the FDA, CDC, and the NIH have no regulations when it comes to egg farms of this size. The Wright Egg Company in Galt, Iowa has at any given time over 114 million chickens on their property.

    The Wright Egg Company as we have pointed out was guilty of numerous violation of both federal and state regulation however the FDA did not inspect it, regulate it or have any interest in the company’s standard of food processing for the public.
    This is not only a oversight it is a complete failure of the FDA to regulate any foods. If you look at the number of recalls on the FDA’s website they list recalls every day of the week and sometimes 2 or 3 recalls a day.

    This never happened 20 years ago, and it is because corporate farms are getting away with sub-standard foods that Americans are eating without the full protection of their own government agencies. It is not only appaulling but a pathetic agency that has failed on all levels of safety. We won’t mention the drugs that the FDA approves also which cause death.

    Congress and President Obama could also be blamed for these failures and they must reform this agency to regulate these large industrial farms which are the main reason we have daily recalls. Food has become a profit driven center and the more filth in the food the better the profits.

    P. Neisman

  4. As a recently retired FSIS Consumer Safety Inspector, I can tell you that the main culprit in this and just about every recall in the past 8-10 years is an failed inspection system called HACCP [Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points] This industry “Honor system” allows food companies to develop their own inspection plan and to police themselves, with the government Inspector relegated to mostly checking company paperwork and numerous other administrative tasks.
    In my opinion, HACCP never has nor never will be a successful, reliable food inspection system. Why Congress has allowed agency after agency (FDA included) to adopt this failed concept, I can only imagine.

  5. Everyone is always quick to blame the FDA. However, the issues originate much farther up the chain. FDA is seriously under-funded and under-staffed and literally cannot physically do the legwork needed to inspect every single farm, warehouse, plant, etc. in the country. Think about the magnitude of people and resources that would be needed to inspect EVERY commercial food supplier and distributor in the U.S. Not to mention the “little” guys operating off-record that FDA may not know about. Should inspectors randomly drive up and down country roads looking for suspicious-looking farms or warehouses? (Hello, Plainview Peanut Company.) FDA is simply not equipped with the resources to do this. This is apparent time and time again with foodborne illness outbreaks, and yet very few (if any) changes have been made to improve FDA funding, resources, or organizational structure. Food manufacturing and distribution practices have changed and grown, and FDA and other governmental agencies that regulate them need to adapt. Sure, punishments could be harsher, but that alone will not significantly aid in prevention efforts. Companies will just get better at hiding their practices or avoiding punishment. We can’t create effective policies without providing support needed to implement them.

    Dare I say, the vast majority of the people employed by public health organizations started their careers with the public’s interest in mind. From my experiences, most if not all of them, uphold these interests on a daily basis. Working in public health can be a pretty thankless job–they don’t get paid much, there’s a lot of frustration involved, and no one recognizes them when they’re successful.

    And on a side note–properly boiling or cooking eggs to 145 degrees for 15 seconds will kill Salmonella bacteria inside the egg. Issues arise when people cross-contaminate surfaces by not practicing proper food handling techniques.

  6. It is also a lack of regulating the egg industry where salmonella could have been in the egg supply and no one knew it. Apparently there are no laws on the books for egg violations and way back to President Clinton who advocated for egg inspections nothing has been initiated by the FDA for over 19 years. We agree that the FDA is falling down on the job of protecting Americans from sickness or death in ALL foods including those from industrialized farms which are the biggest offenders. The FDA has been failing for years and holds no credibility in its operations which is an area Obama has completely ignored. The Agency protects drug company profits – and corporate interests – not health and safety for people.

    This is why we write about this mess the FDA has ignored – people are waking up to the drug company influences at the FDA.

    Susan Smythe
    Health Writer- PoliticolNews.com

  7. I think you can safely say the FDA is a repeat violator too. What exactly is it that they protect the public from? They are failing miserably on all counts and yet have time to pursue such things as calling walnuts and our own stem cells drugs, just to name a few. There are many groups calling for a complete overhaul of this agency. It’s about time! Industrial farming is another debacle for consumers. People need to reject these things by buying from local farmers. People have the power if they will only use it.

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