FDA defies Obama Stem Cell Orders

Aug 12, 2010  The FDA defies Obama’s Executive Order on Stem Cell Research

During his election campaign the then candidate Barack Obama promised to open the government up to stem cell research by his predecessor.  He later as President signed an executive order that endorses stem cell research which the FDA has taken upon themselves to defy and is stopping a Denver doctor by shutting down his clinic for stem cell research.  The Court house is not the place for the FDA to throw their weight around but they are directly preventing adult stem cell researchers and doctors from finding a cure to diseases in the future.

Feds Challenge Stem Cells in Court

When he became President  Obama signed an executive order on March 9, 2009 over one year ago to expand stem cell research and assured its future finally after 8 years of stifling progress in new medical technologies now practiced world wide.


Obama Signs Executive Order to Increase Stem Cell Research in the US
Obama Signs Executive Order to Increase Stem Cell Research in the US

It is shocking how meaningless an executive order is coming from the highest office in the United States the President’s Office and how contrary the clauses of that order are being carried out by the Obama’s FDA.  See Courthouse News.

Do we really need the FDA to take doctors to court over science that is proven to work or is the FDA determined to block adult stem cells for Americans? The battle lines are being drawn in Denver Colorado as the FDA decided to seek an injunction on a medical doctor Christopher Centeno, of Regenerative Sciences Inc.  Read the Denver Post Article.

In his executive order the President does not mention the FDA nor is it involved in the process but it does indicate the NIH or the National Institute of Health to be the overseer of the policies of the Obama administration.  The FDA is not mentioned at all as a governing body or agency in the order.

Obama’s Executive Order  on Stem Cell Research March 9, 2009

If you read the Obama Executive Order in Section 1 the US policy he directed is very clear and there are no misunderstandings.  This apparently has slipped by the FDA knuckle heads that are trying to prevent, delay and stop US doctors from developing the research, doing the viable life saving research that adult stem cells provides Americans here on American soil, not in China.

Quote: Section 1. Policy. Research involving human embryonic stem cells and human
non-embryonic stem cells has the potential to lead to better understanding
and treatment of many disabling diseases and conditions. Advances over
the past decade in this promising scientific field have been encouraging,
leading to broad agreement in the scientific community that the research
should be supported by Federal funds.  The title of the document is clear enough for any who desire to obey it and it reads:

Removing Barriers to Responsible Scientific Research Involving Human Stem Cells.

Removing barriers includes not taking doctors to court and wasting the taxpayers dollars for a long protracted legal battle at the expense of the health of Americans.  The President does not exclude adult stem cells in this executive order he promotes stem cell research and this was his intent.  The Obama executive order repeals the previous banning of stem cell research and the intention here is to expand the research not prevent Americans from obtaining new technologies in stem cell therapies.

As Mass Device reports in their article the Food and Drug administration is seeking an injunction to stop a Denver Colorado doctor from developing therapies using adult stem cells without the addition of drugs and without any outside corporate interests and the case will go to the courts.  The clinic is not developing a product they are using a person’s own stem cells to heal them and no one should interfere with a person’s right to obtain the therapies they require to enhance their health and prevent disease.

Who is it to decide if your own stem cells are a drug?  Does the FDA get to decide this and is the FDA trying to control who owns the cells in your own body used to help you prevent a disease?  Where does the government get the authority to interfere with medicine and how long does this political game of interference continue to directly cause more deaths and diseases to flourish?

Why did Obama lie about his interference in medicine with adult stem cell research? He obviously is getting very bad advice from his scientific experts because the science success story is in the adult stem cell research.

As you heard from his many speeches about opening doors, about funding research for stem cells -collectively we take it he meant he was not going to take doctors to jail for doing so or dragging them through expensive trials in court.

The voters understood that Obama was all in favor stem cell research regardless of moral or corporate interests. Obama did not mention that he preferred embryonic stem cell research and treatments over adult stem cells which does not use fetal tissues and cells. Adult stem cells after all are derived from the person’s own stem cells and avoid the rejection factor and rejection drugs needed for embryo stem cell transplants from a foreign body.

The FDA Disobeys Obama’s Executive Order

It appears with the government’s own agency the FDA -which stands for Food and Drug Administration is now entering the field of medical oversight authority which is against their mandate and powers. It also appears that the Obama administration does not know much about what the FDA is doing these days which is opposing his executive order. If only the right hand knew what the left hand was doing at the FDA it appears they cannot read very well.

The step to seek a court injunction against an American clinic operated by American trained medical doctors and specialists that treat Americans on American soil is now – not allowed in the United States. Already the US government has closed another stem cell clinic in Puerto Rico and the trend seems to indicate they want them all shut down.

The kicker here is that adult stem cells (ADS) do not use aborted fetuses or tissues and this was preferred by the religious groups that opposed stem cell treatments for religious reasons.

So Did President Obama allow Just Embryo Stem Cells only to put people in jail for using adult stem cell treatments?  Did President Obama advise his FDA associates that adult stem cells must be researched, must be financed and must be promoted before the rest of the world beats American doctors to the punch in yet another field of medicine?

Do people have to continue to travel out of the US to get treatments?  Will this protocol of embryo stem cells only be President Obama’s platform going into the November elections?

This FDA’s attempt at banned adult stem cells goes against Obama’s promise to support our scientists, doctors and innovative medicine that can help dying patients that he said in his own words.

In his speech Obama spoke of Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease that Ronald Reagan suffered and spinal cord injury patients who are suffering.  In 2004 Nancy Reagan spoke out saying there is far too much time wasted in discussing stem cell treatments as she watched her husband deteriorate day by day.   She said that researchers could cure the disease which took her husband who would probably be alive today.  

At a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes Nancy Reagan said that we:

“I just don’t see how we can turn our backs on this… We have lost so much time already. I just really can’t bear to lose any more.”

She said she believed stem cell research “may provide our scientists with many answers that for so long have been beyond our grasp”.

It is thought to be the first time that Mrs Reagan has made a public speech on the issue, although her views have long been known.”  Quote Courtesy of the BBC News

As we have seen from our more famous celebrities like Michael J. Fox they are promoting this healing therapy of stem cell research and it is our very government that is stopping it dead in its tracks through the FDA.  Christopher Reeve left this earth with a spinal cord injury from a horse riding accident which could have been avoided by accelerating stem cell research rather than obstructionist tactics from the FDA.  Federal funds should be diverted to adult stem cells not granted to just embryonic research.  This one sided bias towards only one type of research is unbalanced and does not make common sense the government should be funding both avenues or risk more time wasted.

As we said, the Obama administration has to overhaul drug company influence of his own agency and it is time he stepped up to the plate and fulfilled his promises.

This new Obama twist to his policy is only funding aborted fetus cell stem cells or embryonic stem cell research and he has only promised to fund this part of stem cell research not other the more viable and more successful adult stem cell treatments.

Obama claims to be a supporter of stem cell research – the FDA unfortunately does not support their own President Barack Obama and heads should roll. A real twist for voters to contemplate in the 2010 November elections.  This is not the change people voted for in 2008 and voters assumed Obama would clean up the FDA destructive policies.

Obama Fails to Understand Stem Cell Research and Fails to fulfill his Campaign Promise on Adult Stem Cells which he is condemning through the FDA’s mismanaged policies.

We know there is potential research that can cure diseases ” Obama states in this video and goes on to say ” if adult stem cell lines are working just as well of course we should avoid any moral arguments”. Does this mean that the FDA has the moral authority to impede, prevent, slow down and obstruct stem cell research and subsequently ban treatments in the United States?.

The operative wording in candidate Barack Obama’s statements to Pastor Rick ” If Adult stem cells are working”. It appears that the FDA has not done their research very well and is more intent on preventing research and treatments which is out of their sphere of authority.

The FDA should be viewing all stem cell research as a direct commandment in modern medicine and not leave patients hanging in the wind for another 20 years.

The FDA is preventing the free market system and preventing research that could save lives, diminish pain and the progression of disease without the use of drugs. Here you have to question why are they taking doctors to court who are attempting to prevent and cure diseases or in the very least prevent the progression of deadly diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, LG disease, spinal cord and on and on with a host of beneficial treatment that the FDA is ordering stopped.

Here is Obama’s Pledge, promises and campaign rhetoric that never materialized Paid for by the Democratic Party. Was this all talk and no action and why is the FDA funding only embryo stem cell research and not adult stem research and science?  Why are their major inequities in the FDA’s decisions to fund only one type of stem cell research will proves to be the loser in quality benefits to patients?

The question remains why did President Obama run for office if he stood for Americans improved health and cutting down health care costs which diseases will cost us?

Can we afford four more years of rising health care costs when the future of stem cell research will save billions of dollars and save lives?  Can we afford not to ensure adult stem cells therapies and treatments are made available as soon as possible without interference from the FDA?

There are many diseases such as COPD where progression leads to the death of the patient and time is of the essence to stop the progressive debilitation of the patient. There is no time to waste on the FDA’s ignorance and damning of the executive order President Obama signed a year and a half ago.

The battle lines are being drawn here and voters are tired of the red tape and the US government shooting itself in the foot with constant mistaken assumptions, the wrong policies and the wasting of billions of dollars on health care for preventable diseases.

The time for adult stem cell treatments is now- and we are sick and tired of waiting for Obama to get his act together and do the right thing for Americans.

In this video President Obama states we will support the scientists and discoveries that will lead to cures of diseases: did he lie to us? Did he fulfill the full mandate of his words or was this just another photo op?

” We will also vigorously support scientists that do this research” are words to live by.

Editors Note: The Obama Presidential Order is not being followed, the FDA needs a major overhaul due to the continuous incompetent decisions. The most recent example and this speaks to drug company influences is the FDA failing to pull dangerous and deadly drugs off the shelves such as Avandia.
This was a perfect example of drug company influence of the FDA and this must be eradicated as the cancer that is controlling the Obama administration. The people decide what research is viable not the drug company campaign donations.

On April 23, 2010 the Vatican initiated a funding of adult stem cell research to treat diseases.  the Vatican fully supports the projects of adult stem cell doctors, researchers and scientists and Pope Benedict XVI said adult stem cells respect human life.

See Reference  Vatican Funds Adult Stem Cell Research

The Roman Catholic Church is opposed to embryonic stem cell research.  The facts are that adult stem cells unadulterated without drugs work very effectively without the addition of any foreign substances.

George Bush supported adult stem cell research and the debate on embryonic stem cell research was squashed by his Executive Order.  While politicians are playing politics and games on adult stem cell research people are held in limbo by the view points of politics supported by corporate interests.

The FDA is taking us back to the dark ages of medicine where only drugs and surgery which are fruitless in curing diseases or prevention of the progressive diseases that plague Americans.  It took President Obama 7 pens to sign his executive order on Stem Cell Research and it took one knucklehead at the FDA who failed to read it.

Peter Neisman, News Editor

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7 thoughts on “FDA defies Obama Stem Cell Orders”

  1. A person’s cells stem cells are not drugs nor are they the property of the FDA to be regulated. The FDA is being ridiculous and trying to block sick Americans from using our own stem cells to combat diseases that would save everyone suffering and money. The FDA works to help the drug companies not the American people who need a cure from many diseases. They want to give the pharmaceutical companies time to develop a drug to be used with our stem cells so they can profit. In the meantime Americans who cannot afford to travel or or not physically able to travel overseas to use their own stem cells for a cure are left to die instead. This is wrong!!

  2. Thank you so much for writing this. I agree with the previous post that the FDA should be investigated. The stem cells in an individual’s body does not belong to the FDA. This is exactly what is wrong with the healthcare in the US today. Wake up America. Adult stem cells have the capability to “heal.” We should be calling our senators and our congressman to investigate. Did you know that the former president of Argentina visited this clinic and was so impressed that he is interested in taking this technology home. Why isn’t our president interested? That is why our health care system is broken. Think of the dollars that Medicare would save.

  3. Thanks for your comment and we do appreciate the fact that many are waiting for treatments while the FDA stalls this remarkable and valuable science that holds the cure for diseases. This needs to be investigated in our opinion and the delays are just not acceptable in today’s world the US govt can deport 13 Russian spies in one day, they can do this for stem cell research just as fast. The FDA has not protected the US consumer from food recalls and that is their mandate – not interfering with medicine and modern technology. It does show you how backward and regressive the Obama administration is conducting their government.

    P. Neisman,

  4. The NIH is the recipient of the federal dollars for stem cell research and decides who will get the money. Here’s a list of the potential recipients


    Seems to me the money isn’t being spread around to vey many colleges and universities. It takes several years for the NIH to give out the grants too.

    One other point – other countries are way ahead of us and many of the worthwhile stem cell clinical trials going on in the world (see http://clinicaltrials.gov ) are happening in other countries.

    Someone has to expose what’s happening. It’s all about government funding for embryonic stem cells even though nothing has been proven to work while zero attention is paid by the NIH to adult stem cell treatment research which has already proven to improve many diseases especially, heart damage, MS and Cerebral Palsy. It is truly appaling.

  5. Thanks for all the work you have done putting this together. I sure could use some stem cell treatment, but I don’t think I could travel anywhere to go get it. I am what the doc calls end stage meaning there is nothing else that his medicine can do for me. He said he would be fine with me having stem cell treatment with my own cells, but there isn’t any place I can do this in the U.S. I think this is a planned move by this administration to block the advancement of adult stem cell treatments so that drug companies can get on board and make the big bucks out of our own stem cells.
    I hope this lawsuit is the opportunity to expose what is going on with the FDA and the government who should be overseeing it, but is instead looking the other way.

  6. Your comments are right on. How long are we going to let the FDA have control over our health? As someone who has a terminal disease, I should be the one making the decisions about my health with my own doctor, not a regulatory agency.
    It’s time to expose what is really going on in the U.S. Big Pharma is in bed with the FDA. Research in many cases has turned into a huge jobs program and fundraiser for universities, all while millions are denied stem cell treatment. The health care crisis could be alleviated if diseases could be cured or managed with our own stem cells, but that’s not what drug companies want. Cures would cost them billions of dollars in profits. Patients must stand up to what is going on and educate themselves. We are being fed adulterated information from a corrupt regulatory system and a government that doesn’t care evidently.

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