FDA Blunders Stem Cell Research

AUG 9. 2010 FDA Blunders Stem Cell Research On the heels of sending one doctor to court to defend stem cell research and treatments using Adult Stem Cells a more viable therapy, the FDA today announced they are funding embryonic stem cell research which fails to produce results.

Stem Cells are the Body's Own Defence Mechanism

One has to wonder why the FDA is picking the least likely research and clinical trials that would be successful and trying to stop successful adult stem cells treatments.  You also have to question the use of taxpayers dollars for funding useless research when many people are dying every day that have been helped.

The FDA filed a court injunction to stop the Regenexx medical pain management clinic operating in the United States that has viable treatment for arthritic and osteo patients and has medicine on their side.  Regenexx also has proof on their side that their procedure of extracting a person’s own stem cells works and is harmless with no side effects.  The person’s stem cells are extracted and  grown into  more of the same healing cells and then re-injected back into an arthritic knee or shoulder which provides comfortable repair of the bodies damaged condition.

These same procedures are providing fantastic results with heart patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke and for our aging population these treatments have gained support from Americans who want the treatments in their own country.

Adult stem cells are not contraversial as are embryonic stem cells are are being studied in many diseases with good results namely: heart attacks, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, restoring eyes and vision and many more uses in healing diseases. Stem cells are used in growing skin graphs for burn victims. The stem cells for bone marrow transplants have been used successfully for years and without the addition of caustic chemicals, drugs or surgery scars.  Even the Vatican announced they are funding adult stem cells rather than embryonic stem cell research at the U. of Maryland.

A quote from Regenexx

Why is the FDA’s press release focused on cGMP guidelines not being followed? Regenerative Sciences already strictly adheres to the International Cellular Medicine Society’s (ICMS) professional guidelines and has a third party, independent  vendor check it’s compliance.  The FDA knew in spring of 2009 that Regenerative Sciences had no intention of adhering to cGMP drug guidelines as Regenerative Sciences does not produce drugs. The FDA declared there were no serious safety concerns by taking no action in 2009.  For example, Regenerative Sciences received no warning letter nor cease and desist letter.  Regenerative Sciences believes the agency’s focus on this issue now is a litigation tactic. “

Right now the US government is forcing Americans to travel to Germany, China, South America, India and even nearby Mexico to get treatments that are successfully reversing damage due to aging or diseases.  But why should they have to travel out of country and why is the government allowing the FDA to shut down stem cell research and treatments that work?

A proven less invasive procedure of using the patient’s Adult Stem Cells is being shut down by the FDA :

Here is Dr. Christopher Centeno on his procedure and the future of medicine in the United States:

The FDA claims that Dr. Centeno is “adulterating” the adult stem cells and this is simply not true however the FDA’s motives here is to prevent science, prevent doctors from successfully healing Americans and forcing them to go to other countries for treatments.

COPD patients are forced to travel to foreign countries and this is the fault of the US government not more modern doctors who embrace the future. The FDA is antiquated and continues to live in the past while promoting drugs and chemicals that provide no relieve and have harmful side effects.

The FDA is supposedly a body of the government that is to enhance the health of Americans, to promote good health, to monitor the food supply especially from foreign countries, to prevent food recalls by increased inspections of food manufacturers and they have failed miserably at their own mandate. The FDA is falling down on the job of what they were created to do, they have sided with drugs and drug company profits in the face of proven science that Adult Stem cells is a easy, painless, cheaper method of healing arthritic conditions of patients.

The FDA has gone so far as to seek an injunction to stop a US clinic operating in Colorado and are trying to shut them down, to have them close their doors to patients and to have patients buy drugs for pain relief while their joints and bones deteriorate and progressively get worse.

The FDA needs a major overhaul and personnel who are siding with drug company politics should be eliminated as this country needs to get rid of the corruption between drug companies and the FDA not get rid of clinics actually healing patients. The FDA is a pain that people can live without – people want pain free medicine not drugs -they want procedures that work not faulty science and they want results now -not in 20 years.

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To Visit Dr. Christopher Centeno’s Clinic see: Regenexx

To Write a Letter to The FDA to Stop this Injunction Visit : FDA

To Write a Letter to President Obama on the FDA ‘s Actions :  Here is one example of what ADS  or adult stem cell treatments can do:

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

K. Dixon explains:

Kenvir Dixon underwent the Regenexx procedure to deal with osteoarthritis of the knee.

“I’ve had pain in both of my knees for the last 10 years. It began when I was in the Army, and I was finding it harder and harder to do all the lifting, running and physical exercise that I needed to do. I went to the Army doctors, who told me I had osteoarthritis in both knees, but there wasn’t much I could do. Even the Army medical review board simply remarked in my record that I couldn’t do some of the physical requirements because of my knee pain, but they didn’t offer any solutions.”

Stem cell therapies are the wave of the future and drug company’s want to continue to sell you drugs that do not treat the real problems. Aging has its effects on the body also and adult stem cells are used to reverse aged hearts and help the healing process go faster.  There is no side effects, not one drug and no surgical scarring.

As the saying goes:  If you do not embrace the future you are doomed to repeat the failures of past and if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome you are going to deny that adult stem cells hold the promise of a new world with optimum health as the goal.

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  1. How is what Regenexx doing any different than what plastic surgeons do on a daily basis when they remove fat and use it on another part of the body?

    I would think it would be less dangerous than having a blood transfusion from a perfect stranger.

    I wish the FDA would leave the practice of medicine alone. Visit our forum at http://stemcellpioneers.com to see the types of disease already being improved with stem cells and the multitude of research going on with adult stem cells as opposed to embryonic stem cells.

  2. It is plain wrong what the FDA is doing and it seems they do not have the authority to violate an executive order. This is because drug company’s can’t make any money off of your own cells and its all about politics. Obama has failed to deliver stem cell therapies to Americans and he has had enough time to do it.

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