Facebook Launches New Email

Nov 15, 2010 Facebook Launches New Email system was all the rage on Friday,  that Facebook the largest social network on the net will initiate their own email system that rivals Google’s GMail services.  Executives at Facebook call it the ” Gmail killer”.

Facebook Launches New Email Systm

Facebook’s email was announced today but there is still no official confirmation from Facebook but soon members can use @facebook.com as their email address.  The rumors indicate Facebook has been working on the system since February of this year and with 500 million users and growing Facebook will also be building a search feature in competition with Google. Over 100 million Facebook users are in the US, making for large, lucrative market email advertising  for the huge social commercial giant.

Both Facebook and Google have faced privacy issues, Google with Google Buzz, and Facebook with the open contacts lists and the sharing of private information. Google maps also have brought in critics in the exposure of private residences and it has led to court battles.  Google’s photographic searchers have tapped into people’s computers when imaging Google maps which were obtained while driving down streets and has stated it deleted the private information they recorded.

Google is also launching a social network to rival Facebook and Eric Schmidt CEO of Google has stated they plan to add social networking layers to their search engine. The results of both giants in the internet communications industry are tapping into the commercial potential of social networking which now is preferred by users as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family.

Another competitive tool for internet marketers is Facebook Analytics which provide analysis of demographics, social plugins and data for developers. The Insights dashboard as it is called will be referenced to the domain, with a user identification which shows a view of the audience of the domain.

It appears Facebook is covering all the bases in social networking and plans to be more involved in the near future in the Internet Wars about to change the internet which is constantly growing each year.

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