FAA Air Traffic-Roy LaHood Asleep on the Job

April 18, 2011  FAA Air Traffic -Roy LaHood Asleep on the Job-Again

The Sleepy Traffic Controllers continues as yet another air traffic controller in Miami Airport one of the busiest airports in the country was found to be sleeping on the job.the FAA is falling asleep on the job.

Ray LaHood Head of the Toyota Deals on Safety Issues-that no one believes and now Air Traffic Sleepiness FAA Regulations- LaHood is just plain Creepy. LaHood says everything is    A- Ok!!

The total is 7 times in the past few weeks air traffic controllers have been found sleeping on the job in the towers at American airports.

A usual shift will have one controller working two jobs at once while the other one sleeps and this has been going on for decades.  Then, they switch positions and the other man sleeps as much as three hours during a shift.  Some controllers even leave the airport and go and sleep in their cars in 1991, as witnessed by a Denver television station.

At times an air traffic controller will work alone and in 2006 in Lexington Kentucky 50 people died as a result. The controller had worked 5 -eight hour shifts in 4 days and did not notice a plane making a wrong turn on a shorter runway than the plane could handle.

The investigation revealed the controller had only slept 2 hours in the past 24 hours at that airport. The threat of a major accident on any given day in relation to how many planes are in the air over the US it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ray LaHood seems to be sleeping quite well these days but passengers are not. LaHood won’t let air traffic controllers sleep on the job or take naps ” not on my watch” he says. But as he appeared on Fox News, LaHood said ” We’re going to make sure that controllers are well-rested. We’re going to increase the rest time by an hour”.

Since the 1990’s the FAA has had numerous air traffic controllers taking naps on the job which rare more common on the midnight or graveyard shift which is 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. This is not new to the business or Ray LaHood, he just never addressed the issue until it was too late.

When you take over a portfolio in government you look for the weak points, you look at what needs fixing and you don’t sit back in your easy chair and wait for a disaster to happen and then react in an emergency.  This man knows he has a cushy job that pays him a very high salary but are air travelers getting their money’s worth?

Sleep Pattern Problems on Night Workers

This is common with shift workers who upset the natural body clock and disrupt sleep patterns. As much as 30 to 50 % of workers that work nights are found to sleep on the job.

If this has been going on for 20 years it is about time that the FAA adjust their regulations to avoid a major disaster in planes landing and taking off from an airport.

Wacky LaHood Ideas on Motorists Taxing Miles Driven

Back in 2009 Ray LaHood a Republican, wanted to tax motorists on how many miles they drive instead of how much gas they purchased. In an AJC report LaHood promoted the idea to President Obama who nixed the idea that would penalize certain drivers who drive for a living like truck drivers or delivery personnel, fortunately that idea was no brainstorm anyone adopted.

New Regulations have been installed by the FAA

Finally some new regulations are proposed to stop the problem of sleepy air controllers.  The FAA proposes the following new rules:

All air traffic controllers must have 9 hours off between shifts instead of the old 8 hour regulation, which won’t make much of a difference.  A study showed the FAA schedule was contributing to the problem.  The study also showed that controllers often carry a sleep debt over a period of time and that sleep disturbances lead to fatigue and unsafe conditions but the warnings were ignored.

No swapping of shifts for any reason.

Air Controllers cannot work an unscheduled midnight shift to extend a two day period off and this is commonly done by workers.

The President of National Air Traffic Controllers Union Paul Rinaldi says there should be a minimum of 9 hours off between shifts.

Sleeping Controllers List

So far the following airports have had incidents of Sleeping Air ControllersSeattle, Washington, Reno, Nevada,  Lubbock, Texas,  Knoxville, Tennessee,  Washington, D.C. and the latest report is the airport at Miami International, in Florida.

Another incident of an air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job now many incidents have been reported and Roy LaHood should be fired not the controllers.
It appears that Ray LaHood is covering his own tail on this scandal which could cost lives and cause accidents at major US airports. Not only are air controllers working long hours, but pilots also have been falling asleep at the wheel.

The FAA needs a major overhaul of regulations,  if this is the type of service they produce at any airport throughout the country. The details behind whether the head of the FAA or Roy LaHood Head of Transportation,  should have resigned due to the fact that LaHood was running the FAA from the top down.