Ex-PM Tells Levenson Inquiry- Murdoch Threatens Politicians

As the Leveson Inquiry Prime Ministers from years past, key political figures are giving testimony that Rupert Murdoch who controls a monopoly of the UK’s media did threaten them. 

Ex Prime Minister Sir John Major testified at the Inquiry that:

“Mr Murdoch said he really didn’t like our European policies,” he told Lord Justice Leveson. “That was no surprise to me. He wished me to change our European policies. If we couldn’t change our European policies his papers could not, would not support our Conservative Government.”

“As I recall he used the word ‘we’ when referring to his newspapers,” added Sir John, who was Prime Minister between 1990 and 1997. “He didn’t make the usual nod to editorial independence.” The comments flatly contradict Mr Murdoch’s evidence to the inquiry on 25 April, when the News Corp chief executive said under oath: “I have never asked a Prime Minister for anything.” (1) end quote

Sir John also said that politicians who “court the media are undignified, and that the role of politicians should be to run the country and the press to hold government to account.  However he emphasized that once “you meld those roles neither the politicians nor the press are doing the job properly they are best fitted for”.

Sir John Major- Testifying about Murdoch’s Control of the UK Government

For decades Murdoch has been accused of influence peddling his own political conservative views and forcing them onto British Prime Ministers whenever possible. With a monopoly of the press, he twisted arms through threats of manipulating his own media channels to either support a candidate or chew them up in the press.

The display of his sheer power over politics in the UK made voters inconsequential in the political process, their vote did not matter in the long run.  Murdoch made or broke Prime Ministers at will, and his meddling in the government cannot be underestimated to the world.
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