Ex-Employee of HART Intercivic Voting Machines Blows Whistle

Oct. 24, 2012  More facts are being revealed involving the Nov. 6th Election where electronic voting machines will be used in many states, owned by Bain Capital, and tied to one of the candidates, Mitt Romney.

Photo: An actual HART Intercivic Machine to be used in November 6th 2012 National Election

In the 2004 Election, in Ohio a strange occurrence after midnight, was found in the vote count conducted by servers in Tennessee, contracted to a company to count the vote. After Democrat John Kerry led in the exit polls all day, the vote changed after midnight and flipped to George Bush mysteriously.

In the 2004 election, problems were found in both the state of Ohio and Texas.

2004  WhistleBlower Reports HART Intercivic for Fraud 

A technician at HART Intercivic from 2004, reported that he worked at the company for two years and quit because he believed the company was committing criminal fraud.

He outlined fraudulent acts, fraudulent claims and misleading conduct and his letters were obtained by David Allen of Black Box Voting.com

Although the name of this technician was withheld but were verified by David Allen at the time he received the letters the information should be of value to the Dept of Justice in this election.

“The tech worked for Hart-Intercivic for over two years and left voluntarily because of what he believed to be “criminal fraud, extreme negligence, and a distinct and troubling pattern of failure to uphold the public trust both in violations of the spirit of its contracts [and] also in concealing problems in an industry which so crucially represents the public interest.” end quote.

An article by David Allen explains the complaints by the whistleblower technician and can be found at: Scoop Independent News

The technician outlined the problems with HART Intercivic quite clearly:

1) The computers submitted for testing were not the same as the computers used in voting contracts and were not the same as those tested by State authorities, namely InfoSentry and Computerware which were two vendors hired to evaluate the quality of the HART machines.

2) HART Intercivic gave false information that it had “ongoing information security” which it did not have.

3) HART-Intercivic claimed it had documents on information security for it’s own employees which it did not have.

4) HART -Intercivic also claimed that the election results were not transmitted through public networks which was not true.  If a computer is hooked to any public network it is hackable and vulnerable to attack.

This misleading information also included false statements by HART Intercivic that their systems didn’t crash, that storage cards cannot be altered, that errors and audits are tracked even entry errors that would uncover a hacked computer – all of which were false.

Once this technician left HART, he went to work at the Tarrant County Elections Administration office in Texas which are conducting Early Voting Counts in this year’s 2012 election. If they are using HART machines -the vulnerabilities are still open.

He found the same problems with the HART Machines in the Elections office that he found at the HART company itself and another company called ES & S.  Election Systems and Software company.

In a notice on ES&S’s website they have been contracted for this year’s election and claim that it has corrected problems found in it’s software by the Election Assistance Commission.

But the whistleblower in 2004 said that ES&S is a repeat offender and singles out Robert Parten the Election Administrator with “unethical decisions and erratic behavior”. Robert Parten is still the official Election administrator according to Parker County Texas website.

Apparently, Robert Parton refused to “allow”  corrections to invalid entries and public tests to the voting system were not handled properly. The people involved were not even present in some cases for the testing. HART had sold the county a bill of goods, claiming their equipment was quicker, and would prevent corruption issues with ballot cards which were later found to be false statements.

If all the above statements are accurate, then any state doing business with ES&S and HART Intercivic can count on a hackable election in a few days.


In the last four major elections ES&S counted 50 percent of the ballots.

In 2009, ES&S purchased Diebold another Electronic Voting machine creating a virtual monopoly on election vote counting and this could easily affect a huge number of votes. Diebold had a history of problems, malfunctions as did all three companies that are now handling the vote count.

There are less than a handful of companies in the electronic voting machine business and now there are fewer this year as they merge together it gives more power to a very few CEO’s.


Counting votes by computer is more dangerous than counting votes by hand, simply because computers can affect larger numbers of votes than one person can manipulate by hand.

States and federal governments -need to maintain a paper trail in all elections especially after 2004 and unless there are accurate, traceable audits there is no way to tell that a voting machine actually registered all the votes or if it was tainted to only register certain votes.

The DRE machines – Direct Recording Electronic voting processes  or internet voting present even more security issues that an accurate hand count of paper ballots, plain one sheet ballots, black ink on white paper that have an “X” beside the voters choice.

The system that works best is: The state conducts the vote, which is then counted by the state employee in front of scruiteers fromboth parties who are present at the count.

Each ballot is counted as a vote for the corresponding candidate, and a tally is added up at the end.

The winner is declared by the state election official or the returning officer who counted the vote, the ballots are wrapped in separate envelopes, the tally sheet is signed by a poll clerk and a poll clerk assistance and everybody’s happy especially the citizen who’s vote was counted.

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