Europe Says -Bye Bye To GMO Monsanto After Trials Failed

Monsanto Loses Ground in Europe A Win for Environment and Farmers

June 2, 2013 The US agri-giant Monsanto that has modified food beyond nature to sell its pesticide Round Up insecticides is losing the battle for Europe.

Monsanto has spent a fortune influencing governments to use GMO corn under false claims of: Drought Resistance, Better Yields, Enhanced Production, and Pest Resistant and such claims have all be proven to be false advertised statements.

In the US last year, GMO corn burned up faster in the mid-west droughts than organic corn and yields were not “as advertised”. In fact, GMO corn requires more pesticides as bugs are resistant to the germ seed and the chemical Round Up.

GMO is not a wise investment in the long run, because consumers won’t buy GMO made food! Consumers prefer and will buy organic food as they have for generations and will for generations to come.

So why are some American farmers growing GMO when their market is crumbling and the food will rot in grocery stores? It is not economically feasible or a wise plan for increasing exports either, as most countries won’t buy US made GMO products.

Genetically Modified Food just doesn’t have any value to agriculture and many claims by the Dow, Monsanto, Bayer corporations are being proven false.


Russia has banned some of US food imports due to GMO grain and chemicals, drugs and antibiotics in animal feed. The Russians have their own scientific studies and fear that GMO will cause cancer in their population which in turn raises healthcare costs. GMO and Monsanto is defeated in Europe and as well Russia and China are rejecting growing GMO seed.

USA Still Promotes, Extends Patents to GMO Monsanto

It appears that everyone is rejecting GMO except for the head of the USDA, Tom Vilsack who was once Monsanto’s lawyer. Vilsack still has strong ties and promotes Monsanto wherever possible and President Obama kept him for a second term.

Monsanto’s marketing methods has been primarily to force EU governments to accept GMO or else -face the wrath of the US government in other retaliatory measures. The phrase “Eat It Or Else” comes to mind which is the same policy of the US government in South American countries but the bullying isn’t working anymore.

So far only Spain, Czech Republic and Portugal allow GMO growing and not the rest of Europe including Hungary that have burned all GMO corn to the ground. it is only a matter of time when all of EU rejects Monsanto and throws them out of Europe.

What’s the Real Reason More of Europe Rejects Monsanto GMO

Brandon Mitchener a spokesperson for Monsanto and PR Lead indicates in the that Monsanto is pulling out of the EU markets, which is due to wide spread objections by many countries.

The real reason is that, crop testing trials and EU scientific research have failed to produce results or replicate Monsanto’s claims that GMO are superior. Monsanto kept the result private information that could not be released to the public however

Quote From Investigative Reporting Denmark:

“The procedure is that crop companies’ new crops will be tested by the authority for two years before possibly being allowed for selling and growing in Denmark. At the time, Monsanto wanted to test a total of five different varieties with the transformation NK603.

Trial results are normally open to the public. In this case Monsanto explicitly asked to keep the test silent, and they withdrew the varieties before the testing finished, so no results were published.” end quote

As it turns out Investigative Reporting Denmark obtain the results of the trials and the reports indicate the crops failed. They failed. They failed to show that Monsanto GMO lived up to their claims. That is what did it for Denmark and other nations, failure is not an option in agriculture that feeds billions of people on a growing planet.

According to a news report in Investigating REporting Denmark Monsanto is halting developing and selling GMO which is unacceptable to European consumers.

Corrupted USDA Proceeds with Monsanto GMO at a Frightening Pace

President Obama appointed several former Monsanto employees and lawyers to his cabinet positions and has reneged on a campaign promise to Label GMO. In fact he has done the exact opposite and has accelerated Monsanto control of the US agriculture industry. His wife Michele must be beside herself for having a husband who promotes what she is against, she is an organic food enthusiast. The White House serves organic foods and has an organic garden planted by the President’s wife.

Only the United States of America is going full steam ahead in expanding GMO crops including the recently passed Farm Bill which speeds up approvals by the USDA whether the seed is approved or not.

A high majority of American consumers want GMO ingredients labeled and a growing majority want GMO stopped completely. However, the Obama administration is not listening to voters and is incurring lower approval polls these days.

Other GMO pharmaceutical- agriculture corporations such as Bayer, Syngenta and BASF are stopping their GMO potato and withdrawing development.

A valid independent study of rats fed only GMO corn for their entire lives produced large, cancerous tumors on their bodies. The study can be repeated by other scientists if they duplicate the research by Dr. Michael Antoniou, a molecular biologist at Kings College, London  read more on this: Mail Online

The gig is up, the dead horse Monsanto’s been selling is dead, GMO does not have any agricultural value to farmers, and selling your stock in the corporation might be a good idea.

Monsanto GMO Corn Fed Rats -Full of Cancer Tumors