EPA Waits 1 Yr to Study Chromium 6 in Drinking Water

Dec. 20, 2010 The EPA is waiting one year to complete a study on the cancer causing Chromium 6 that is poisoning Americans, especially in California’s drinking water.

In the meantime Jane Houlihan of the Environmental Working Group have conducting their own study which confirms that Americans are drinking tap water laced with a deadly chemical.  The first time this chemical was known and came to light was during Erin Brockovitch Movie.

The Map of Cities with Contaminated Drinking Water- and Cancer Causing Chemicals such as Chromium-6

Chromium-6 Cancer Chemical is Widespread in USA Drinking Water
Chromium-6 Cancer Chemical is Widespread in USA Drinking Water

The Environmental Study Group a non-governmental organization could complete their stud and sampled 35 American cities however the EPA has not attempted to do any studies of this chemical.

The ESG found that in the Norman, Oklahoma their sample tested the highest and was 12.90 parts per billion of Chromium-6, and still the EPA has not set a legal limit for Chromium.

The city of Norman’s response was that there are no specific federal laws, or standards on chromium-6 either in total amounts, or state laws therefore does this leave Norman’s citizens vulnerable to any chemical testing of their water? Yes it does.

The City of Norman’s Utility Director Ken Komiske stated that the chemical amounts in Norman’s water can be applied to any city that is drawing water from the Garber-Wellington ground water.  Does this make it safe? No.

The study indicated the average of cities should be at 0.06 parts per billion and Norman’s water is off the charts in containing extremely high levels of the deadly poison Chromium-6.

People who live near utility and power plants are being advised to purchase at their own costs a reverse osmosis water filter system for their own safety.

It seems that in today’s world the US federal government and the state governments are less into protecting consumers, but more over favor reduced laws to enhance corporate profits.  You are on your own as far as clean drinking water and treating your own water is the only way to protect your health.

Gas Drilling Fracking in the Water Supply also Poisons Consumers

The EPA has also discovered well water that is near gas drilling sites contains hydraulic fracturing by products.  the EPA has not banned gas companies from their continuous polluting of the drinking water consumed by Americans who are unaware of what is in their water.

It is not safe to drink tap water in most American cities due to these chemicals allowed by hydro electric companies and gas drilling companies such as Haliburton.

The National Environmental Working Group based in Washington found in their studies that chromium -6 is 200 times over the current “allowed” limit set by the EPA.  This is cause for concern for consumers of tap water since chromium is a carcinogen which causes cancer, specifically stomach cancer.

The National Environmental Working Group Study Included the following American cities:

Norman, Okla., Madison, Wisconsin, Riverside, California San Jose, California

Honolulu, Hawaii

Map of California’s Drinking Water with Chromium -6 Cancer causing Chemicals

California Ranks High with Chromium-6 Cancer Causing Chemicals
California Ranks High with Chromium-6 Cancer Causing Chemicals

Photos courtesy of the Environmental Working Group Website

Environmental Summary in 2010:

You have a government agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency that does not protect you from poisonous drinking water. You also have the Federal Food and Drug Administration that does not protect you from poison in your food, although they need another billion dollars to hire agents to inspect organic farmers.


Consumers are getting hit on all sides from having to buy their own filtering systems for their homes which should be done on the city level, but the failures are evident.  The food supply is also suspected of causing cancer in Americans, with more chemicals, genetically modified and processed food being deadly for human consumption.

For example the last huge failure was the salmonella poisoned eggs from Wright County Egg, that is quietly making deals with the FDA to continue producing substandard, contaminated eggs without a penalty, without charges laid and without someone going to jail. There are no punishments for these corporate factory food producers that with the help and collusion with the FDA continue to produce low grade and low quality foods.

The natural clean drinking water supply is gone, and today we have precious little clean water left because the governments are allowing corporations to continue to dump their refuse into clean rivers, lakes, streams and what was clean is now heavily contaminated with industrial waste.  There are no regulations today that apply to just keeping the drinking water safe.

Pete Neisman, Editor

For the complete report go to the Environmental Working Group for more details.

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