Emperor Harper Has No Clothes

Hey Canada, he’s too skinny in this picture.

The oil painting of Canada’s Prime Minister draws both embarrassing stares, laughs and good fun for an artist that bears the truth about her country, namely a naked Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The painting is available on Margaret’s website 

A Canadian artist Margaret Sutherland, from Kingston, Ontario captured the conservative leader Stephen Harper in the nude on a settee in an oil painting with a dog.

Her painting is set up complete with a Tim Horton’s coffee cup on a plate served to the Emperor Harper. Some news media have blocked out the obvious but art is art and Italy doesn’t cover up their statues – so neither are we.

For those who cannot look at the human body without shame, you’ve got psychological problems. It appears the PM’s office took it in stride and responded with:
“Everyone knows PM Harper is not a dog person?”

Many Canadians found it amusing, some were disgraced and some said Sutherland painted Harper “too thin”. Satire in art is the perfect way to make a statement and Sutherland has certainly captured more attention than she ever had before the painting.

The painting is priced at : $5,000.00 Canadian – that’s equally roughly to the US Dollar.

It’s worth every penny.

To see more of Margaret (Maggie) Sutherland’s artwork visit her site at:

Margaret Sutherland

Update: The painting sold, but Margaret has more art coming on her website.