Elena Kagan Approved

July 20, 2010 Elena Kagan is approved by the Judicial Committee in a vote taken today by a margin of 13- to 6.

President Obama appointed Kagan as a supreme court judge several months ago with much disapproval displayed by Republicans who claimed she was not experienced in adjudicating high profile cases and they had no material to criticize. Senator Lindsay Graham was the lone wolf on the conservative side to vote for her confirmation and complimented Kagan on being smart, well qualified and of good character, but she is a Liberal.

Elena Kagan Approved by Judiciary Committee
Elena Kagan Approved by Judiciary Committee

The Senate will vote on her appointment in early August which will balance the Supreme Court with three female judges and four Democratic leaning judges rather than the all conservative good ol’ boys court since 1971 and makes history. The court has always been split along party lines for years as Senator Arlen Specter said the court still has been split on the current ideological  differences.

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