Egypt Protests Dictatorship

Jan. 28, 2011 Egypt Protests Dictatorship under President Mubarak is urged to leave the country as did former President of Tunisia Ali and his family who have taken refuge in Montreal Canada.

Over 20,000 people took to the streets to demand the removal of President Mubarak who over 30 years in power has stolen 40 billion dollars from the Egyptian people and who’s family have already left for the UK.

As the riots took place today January 28, 2011 it will have a shocking effect on the Middle East which seems to have a domino effect in the region.  Press Secretary Gibbs indicated the US government continues to monitor the situation but do not know the whereabouts of President Mubarak at least they are not discussing his location.

Israel made a statement an hour ago that their hope is that Mubarak will overcome the protests against his government dictatorship however now they are calling for reform to be initiated by the Egyptian government -if there still is a government after today.

The internet has been shut down in Egypt and all social networks such as Twitter, Facebook have been closed to communications both inside and to the outside world as the army moved in to stop the protesters.

Egypt Under Seige-Protesters Throw out Dictatorship

The people of Egypt are requesting Mubarak to leave the country, they want their freedoms, justice and a democracy not a dictatorship that has ruled their country for over 30 years.

The protesters were held back by tear gas, water cannons, plastic bullets and live bullets which has strengthened the resolve of the people who gathered strength in numbers.

The United States has supported Mubarak with financial assistance with over 2 billion dollars a year in aid and most of this money went to enhance the military.

Ironically all of the funds that the US donated to Egypt has purchased the tear gas, bullets, tanks and guns to stop the protests of today. The rest of the billions of dollars that went to Egypt went into the dictator’s bank accounts where as the gravy train has quickly come to an end.

Egypt Protesters -Mubarak Go to Hell-Say the People
Egypt Protesters -Mubarak Go to Hell-Say the People

Cairo and major cities in Egypt are now under siege from hundreds of thousands of protesters as the people are in rage and the US is not confirming their attempts at a democracy.

The United Nations has called for the Egyptian government to stop shutting down the internet and allow freedom of speech this morning.  Protesters in support of Egypt are holding a demonstration at the UN tomorrow.

Mubarak’s family has already left Egypt on a private jet headed for the UK and are in hiding and he is most likely going to follow suit.  The world is supporting the protesters in Egypt who want a better life, a democracy and mostly jobs while their economy has suffered under the hands of Mubarak for over 30 years.

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