Ed Show goes to Bainport -Sensata Jobs Sent to China

Oct. 20, 2012 Yesterday the Ed Show televised live from Freeport, Illinois where 170 families have been left unemployed by Bain Capital, the company that Mitt Romney founded. Just as Ed Shultz and his film crew pulled into town, Sensata closed the plant, and it’s door to media exposure.

Workers were not paid for the day and worse Bain Capital who are the owners of the plant in the USA, until all the equipment is shipped to China, did not really like the media attention.

Ed Show – Live From Freeport, Illinois- October 19, 2012

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The First Story About Sensata Workers- Off -Shoring US Jobs

Imagine your boss coming to you, telling you that your job has just been shipped to China, and you have to train your Chinese counterparts that are taking your job.

Then imagine that the company promised x amount of weeks in severance pay, and then tells you that they’re cutting that in half, 50 % less as a going away gift.

Then imagine your healthcare disappearing for good because it will take a long time to find a job in this economy.

What will it do to the city of Freeport, Illinois what about the businesses that won’t have 170 people employed.

The mood of the town is depressing, half of Freeport works at Sensata, people won’t be able to find work now. Some of the workers are middle aged having worked in the plant for 40 years in some cases.

What Bain Capital did was: They moved their plant to China to take advantage of slave labor, where in China workers make anywhere from .20 cents to .99 cents per hour. They work 12 hours a day, the get no healthcare, no pensions, no holidays, and they work 7 days a week without breaks.

Due to the lack of regulations in China many will work exposed to dangerous chemicals all day long. The same happens in a company called Foxconn that make Apple, Microsoft, Samsung tech products where workers end up committing suicide by jumping off the building itself.

This is what Mitt Romney likes to see. He likes to see Americans in poverty, without jobs and then calls them the 47% people. He looks down at anyone who is not wealthy and 32 billionaires are just pouring money into his campaign to get him in the White House.

The stakes in this election are extreme and on steroids.

This is what will become of more cities in America, more tent cities, more poverty, and more corruption on Wall Street where companies are actually rewarded for sending jobs to China.

Just ask Mitt Romney if he the 51% shareholder of Sensata stock – will get paid for off shoring jobs and a tax break!

These families won’t be having a great Christmas this year, as many are now unemployed.

The Sensata plant is set to close November 7th, 2012 which is one day after the National Presidential Election. Hopefully, we won’t see a Mitt Romney in the White House then.

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