Drug Company Fraud -20 Years of Fraud Cases

Drug Company Fraud Cases-20 Years of Fraud Cases

Update: Huffington Post: Reveals details of Front Line biased story on Vaccines -lack of ethics in the media obviously is not reporting the truth about vaccines, and drug dangers to the consumer.

Read more about Jenny McCarthy’s response to PBS.org  Frontline biased report on Vaccines.

Avotek in Canada: Partnered research with Canadian University of Toronto and wanted to sue an Internist Nancy Olivieri of the Hospital for Sick Children when she claimed the drug Apotex was deemed ineffective and possibly dangerous.

Apotex still remains the biggest drug maker in Canada for generic drugs, and thru its charity foundation Apotex foundation and no one will prosecute them. 

Olivieri had to resign her position Oct. 27, 1998 reports the Toronto Star Newspaper.

The CEO Michael Strofolino threatened Nancy Olivieri if she made the information public and a smear campaign was launched against Olivieri. Here is a case of a whistle blower who was  being condemned and the scientific community backed the drug company, she has been harassed with threatening  phone calls and her name was blackened.

Baxter Drugs subsidiary of Baxter Caremark 1992 -criminal conduct med partners fraud, involved in AIDS/Haemophiliac scare, 161 million deaths by dialysis scare.  

Baxter continued to sell potential AID’s contaminated drugs that supposedly helped clotting factors after the problem was discovered in 1984.  Baxter drug was also contracted by the FDA and World Health Organization to make the Swine Flu Vaccine and applied for the patent 1 year before the Swine outbreak.


 Bayer sold the Aid’s infected drug called Factor 8 that was banned in the US and sold it in Europe, Asia dumping a tainted drug onto other countries knowingly and with the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration.  


Dey Inc-charged with health care fraud in Medicaid 2003 along with Pharma Benefits Managers partnerships with Merck and Medco Managed Care -profit taking between pharmas and HMO’s, hospitals and doctors -major fraud case.
Merck was investigated for high price fixing, kickbacks between drug makers and PMB’s- Pharmacy Benefit Mangers -the middle man.

Roche Drug Company was charged with global price fixing, guilty of fraud, 1997-collusive trading citric acid in vitamin trade-class action lawsuits globally.

Glaxosmithkline: charged with withholding heart attack side effects of Avandia just one week ago.

Glaxosmithkline: charged with fraud of Paxil Marketing-withholding crucial data.

Wyeth Drugs: charged with hiding the side effect of breast cancer of their drug Premarin, and Prempro charged with hiding the side effects of their hormone replacement drugs are still fighting lawsuits from women who got breast cancer from Wyeth’s fraud and criminal activity with HRT drugs. Wyeth was bought out by Pfizer that continues to fight breast cancer patients who took their drug unknowingly growing breast cancer in their bodies.  

Wyeth knew of the danger and hid the facts in their advertising and promotion of Prempro and Premarin an estrogen derived from horses urine and progesterone which turned out to be an experiment that grew cancer in women.

Pfizer-defrauding Medicare in Australia-paid fine, price fixing internationally.

British Drug Companies
Goldshield Group
Kent Pharmaceuticals
Norton Healthcare
Generics UK
Ranbaxy UK
all charged with fraud, conspiracy to defraud and price fixing-criminal charges-all released with fines between 1996 and 2000

Mylan -price fixing raising prices 3000 percent, lorzapam, Ativan, Tranzene-1998.

Merck-Germany-price fixing on vitamin C-fined in 2000

Merck- defrauding Medicaid-selling pills to Medicaid for 1.65 each, while hospitals paid 10 cents each. 18.5 million in fines in Texas.

US Government Complicit in Continuous Drug Company Fraud

Wait there is more in this long history of drug company fraud in a free market democratic system of government in the United States where drug companies are allowed to continuously break laws, get fined and continue on with criminal activities.

Price fixing, charging Medicaid thousands of percentages higher fees for drugs and failure to disclose the actual danger of their own products.  The sales and promotions of drugs is an inside job with the full knowledge and encouragement from the government agencies that are forcing vaccines in Denver schools.

Wyeth-Ayerst Vaccines-FDA shut down vaccine production at Parkdale Pharmaceuticals -charged Wyeth Ayerst with violations Nov. 2000.

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