Drilling for Natural Gas

June 8, 2010 How is Drilling for Gas any better than drilling for oil? See what happens when corporations drill for oil and governments allow unsafe high risk ventures.

The environmental impact that drilling for natural gas and fracturing shown in this video is proof of the damage to the earth that seeking natural gas has caused. This blasting at the earth’s crust as mankind continues to seek a fossil ancient fuel source is in itself going to lead to more environmental damage which affects everyone on earth.

The US has always thought of itself as a leader and here again it does not fail-the US is a leader in pollution through dirty energy sources, coal mine emmissons, oil spills in five major states over the past 80 years billions of oil have been spilled in the world’s oceans. Drilling for natural gas is no better than drilling for oil.

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George Bush exempts Gas Companies from Environment Laws

In 2005 Congress under George W. Bush passed a law exempting gas companies from environmental regulations, thanks to George Bush not only gas companies but oil companies enjoyed the de-regulation that has contaminated the water supply.  

The wake up calls have long since passed and it will not be until the total destruction of the planet before these governments, who are controlled by gas and oil interests -stop the dirty energy sources and embrace cleaner resources.  The USA is falling behind China and India who are years ahead of the technology and innovation of green energy which is the only way to reverse the damage to the planet from oil, coal and gas.

The mixture of oil and politics should be like oil and water however this is not the case. Big oil has bought their way out of regulations, has paid for the campaigns of their politicians who are a dime a dozen.  We call them “Oil Whores”.  These politicians put their own campaign funds first, Americans come second or third.  All politicans want is big dollars to finance their re-election and this is why emcumbants are going to be on the chopping block this fall. 

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