Dr. Feinermans’ Response to CNN Interview on Stem Cell Therapy

Dear Dr. Feinerman:

We thank you and are honored to have you on our blog after the CNN sensationalized and inaccurate portrayal of a doctor who is treating diseases with treatments that are proven to be the  correct, scientific and the most beneficial treatments in the world of medicine.

As soon as most viewers heard the vial attempt at trying to discredit you-it only brought anger from viewers at their attempt to nullify stem cell treatments. There are many examples and we are sure of your own patients that could have been interviewed but CNN chose not to show the true effects and success stories of your treatments.

This blatant exploitation of you as a professional medical doctor and from your curriculum vitae -they attempted to minimize your 50 years of medical training and service to your patients and they did not delve into your background. This amounts to misrepresentation on CNN’s part and tabloid journalism with little regard to facts or truth.

We can assure you Dr. Feinerman- that most viewers could see that CNN  failed in their attempt to discredit you and stem cell research. Obviously CNN does not agree with the President of the United States who will invest millions of dollars to find cures for diseases instead of perpetuating sickness and death.

As we mentioned earlier if Lou Dobbs, Drew Griffin and Mr. Fitzpatrick had a serious illness -they would be having stem cell treatments.  They would do it for their dogs or wives or sisters or brothers if a terminal illness or any illness was making their loved one suffer.  But they seem to be denying the truth for some ulterior motive and to possibly appease their advertisers who are mainly drug companies.

We bring your attention to a company we have researched called “Vet Stem in San Diego.

Last year we wrote extensively about how stem cell applications have reversed arthritis in dogs, and cured degenerative bone disease, hip dysplasia by healing through the use of the dog’s own fat stem cells. Vet Stem has proven that stem cell treatments work very successfully for dogs. You can find Vet Stem at: Vet Stem USA.

We have interviewed owners of dogs that have seen the miraculous results of stem cell transplantation and it does work. The cost is far less to have stem cell treatment than a regular hip replacement for a dog which can reach up to $10,000.00. Stem cell treatment cost  is less than 1/3 the cost of a hip replacement and the dog does not need 6 months to heal in pain. There is no pain with stem cell transplantation of fat cells for arthritic relief in dogs.

It is a pity that a national network like CNN would portray this therapy as a scam for humans. Dogs in physiology are similar to the human body and we are sure you know that these technologies are working very successfully without surgery, without bone replacement and are equally without harmful drugs.

Read the story of how a race horse that was almost put to death because of bone chips -had stem cell treatment and went on to will a million dollar purse in a horse race. We guess CNN is not up on what stem cell therapy advancements are in spite of their million dollar budget -CNN still offers mediocre tabloid and falsified reporting.

See the story of Miraculous Recovery of Dogs with Arthritis.

We also note that all doctors charge fees for medical treatments, some of which must be done more than once, and they neglected to itemize the costs of a heart bypass which is considerably more than stem cell treatment.

We can site more examples for CNN because they failed to do the proper research and know nothing about stem cell treatments. It is unfortunately CNN lowered its standards and news broadcasts such as their story that prevents a accurate description of how stem cell treatments work. Ted Turner is probably not in agreement with this type of reporting and he supports stem cell therapy -which really proves how far off base this interview was to the founder of their own company.

Here is another true story and we invite CNN to actually do a  report on Rainer the German Sheppard and talk to his owner and to see the results of the dog’s complete reversal of bone disease with stem cell treatment.
See:   Rainer’s Story of Stem Cell Therapy

It is not too difficult to realize who CNN is protecting by this negative type of reporting and the degrading of stem cell treatments. It is a pity that a dog can get stem cell treatments -but humans cannot in the United States. It is a pity that CNN perpetuates this misinformation on the value of stem cell treatments that are harmless and more economical than the toll of regular medical treatments which is a billion dollar industry for drug companies and the insurance companies.

We site the story of a blind Florida boy who had been diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia which is an optic nerve condition which causes blindness. His parents had to take him to China, and $43,000.00 later (mostly lodging and travel expenses) and the boy has regained eyesight.

See the Story of:   The Boy from Florida and How He Regained His Eyesight with Stem Cell Therapy in China

Firstly again they had to travel out of the USA, secondly how can you put a price on a young boy’s eyesight? We wonder how much Lou Dobbs, Drew Griffin and Mr. Fitzpatrick would pay to regain their own eyesight?  What the parents had to go through is needless and unwarranted and if it wasn’t for tabloid trash of CNN, we would have the truth that CNN obviously did not want the public to hear. There are many examples of how successful stem cell treatments have proven to eliminate if not cure diseases that threaten mankind.

Around the world people are realizing the truth and we have links below to a story out of Australia of eye sight restoration.  We have a link to a story out of the UK about stem cell treatments reversing hearing loss. We have links to stem cell examples of how stem cell treatments is used for anti-aging applications below.

Obviously CNN missed all these facts of all the doctors in their reporting which says a great deal about their professionalism and ethics or lack thereof.  Doctors around the world are treating people with stem cell therapies and are successfully relieving pain, reversing diseases and finally curing people and it is very possible to cure all diseases given the willingness to do so.

We thank you for taking the time to explain how the interview was supposed to have occurred and how it was to provide information through investigating the protocols and reasoning behind how stem cell therapy works, and how it ended up was tragic not only for CNN but for the people suffering insurmountable pain and anguish with deadly diseases.  CNN has done a grave disservice to Dr. Feinerman and we do hope the very least they can do is to apologize and do a proper follow up interview with the real facts and truth about you -your dedication and your work to help cure diseases. We also thank you Sir for your work to help eliminate suffering and diseases -for that is the real medicine we people want and desire – medicine that works.


The Politicol News Staff

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CNN may want to retrain their News Reporters.


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