Donald Trump Hates Wind Farms

Donald Trump Hates Wind Farms  

The Donald has a problem with Wind Farms. They ruin his view from his new golf course resort in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 

After battles with the local communities on his project of building a golf course near the ocean in some prime real estate the Donald is taking on wind farms now.

The proposed off shore wind farm will be located near is resort and is being built by a group known as the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG) approximately a mile and a half from his golf resort. The offshore technology is the new generation of turbine powered clean energy.

So is Donald Trump fighting clean energy? Yes he is and has stated he will fight it by “any legal means” at his disposal. Glad he said the word legal. The managing director of Trump’s project said its not a good idea to mess with our plans, our investment.

The AREG was granted exclusive rights to install a wind tower to provide clean energy to the national grid.

 The project will develop supplies of clean energy and add to the national grid saving money and getting away from fossil fuels after centuries of dirty pollution.

The environmental energy project has been supported by Scottish Enterprise and is far more important than another stupid Donald Trump golf course.

Dummy Billionaires and their Golf Courses-Aberdeen Scotland


Donald Trumps’ Golf Course or Clean Energy- that is the choice. Which is more important to the world energy sources?

Donald Trump building his golf resort on pristine Scotland coastline-has already damaged the environment

It is true that most Republicans like Donald Trump detest green energy, they are all for gas and oil. To say the least that oil tankers and ships pass by his golf course using their shipping lanes doesn’t seem to bother Trump even though they bring pollution through air and water to his resort.

In addition, Republicans like Donald Trump stifle clean energy by saying it will cost jobs, when the opposite is true, Green Energy creates jobs, clean jobs, worthy of an time in history when gas and oil are obsolete, dirty, in-efficient and costly.

Trump is building his golf course in honor of his mother who came from the region of Aberdeen Scotland as if he was paying homage to her.  Wonder what his mother thinks of him now that he has become just another Dummy Billionaire.

Instead of embracing the future, Donald Trump would prefer to run away from it and go back in time, regressing into the world of dirty oil and gas energy preventing progress, change and innovation. Really Donald, your full of hot air on this one. The Wind Farms will created green, clean renewable energy, and creates many jobs for the local economy. Actually, visitors don’t mind wind farms and in fact reap the benefits of clean energy, with non-polluting sources of energy. Chalk this one up for a loss for Donald Trump.

He can always call it the:

Donald Trump Scotland Wind Farm Golf And Country Club

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