Donald Trump for President

Oct. 6, 2010 Donald Trump for President? Now doesn’t that make more sense than a Sarah Palin or an inexperienced Barack Obama who is failing miserably for a successful second term. By making deals with pharmas on health care he abandoned all principals of the bill and by hiring corporate people who favor corporate profits over safety Obama had blundered his chances of a second term.

Trump for President

Today there are rumblings of drafting Hillary Clinton as Vice President for 2012 to salvage the democrats staying in the Whitehouse for four more years and there are still two years with Obama left to ponder his failures. You could have predicted this happening because the DNC drafted Obama over Clinton and steered the votes his way.  Clinton lost due to an inner party campaign to promote Obama over Clinton that has ultimately bore them no fruit.

Obama forgot this campaign promises and has turned the country upside down with no hope of stimulating an economy and he is just treading water with more speeches.

His supporters and inner circle are leaving the ship knowing what is ahead in the mid-terms and are seeking their old jobs back. Poor cabinet choices, half made lame deals with corporate interests, Vilsack and ex-Monsanto lobbyist, Geithner and his ties to Wall Street added to a host of other mistakes that made this a terrible two years for the democrats.

Surely there must be a way to draft Donald Trump into a Presidency run for 2012 and he is the right man to do it. Get the economy going and get the China trade imbalance causing lost jobs here in check. Trump has even weighed autism events and in on vaccines and autism in the Sentinel:

From The Sun Sentinel

“In an interview, Donald Trump said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations of babies and toddlers, a topic that is hotly debated among parents and doctors.” Quoted from Lisa Jo Rudy of (2007)

He is right on the money. If vaccines are making kids sick, you would think Obama would have done his homework and not double deal with pharmaceuticals.

Trump recently and with his infamous business acumen flushed out the real motives behind the Mosque at Ground Zero.  The Donald got tired of hearing all this fuss about this mosque, the vitrol and the hatred being demonstrated,  so he approached Imam Rauf to see if he could end the mad mosque caper by buying Rauf out.

Within hours Trump emerged with the information on CNN that we all were waiting for -why at ground zero and why a mosque from a former “two bit” real estate agent.

So Trump offered the Imam a good deal a percentage of a profit and what he paid for the building approximately 3 million dollars and offers to help him relocate to another prime spot. Why wouldn’t the Imam sell the old Burlington coat factory building?  The Imam thinks the building is worth 20 million and that came out in conversation with Trump’s strategic method of sizing up his opponents. He is brilliant and that is what this country needs- brilliance.

Trump is the man to run the country and if he could only wrap his head around the concept of being the most powerful man in the United States (which would appeal to him) there is no reason to run away from the idea.

The real estate mogul has been quoted in Fox News as saying ” For the first time in my life I am actually thinking about it”.   He added ” I see what has been going on with this country and it has never been worse”.  A recent poll showed that over 50 percent think he should run and he would run as a Republican.   The only problem is would he do the right thing, would he also make back room deals with the corporations and give them tax breaks that would tax the middle class even more?

His principals on trade with China are warranted and he has stated the disgrace for what China is being allowed to do to America.  As a businessman you can’t knock him out of the running in 2012 but perhaps he could be of great assistant to the next President to get this country back on track.

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