Dick Cheney’s Heart Transplant Cost Taxpayers

The news was just released that former Vice-President Dick Cheney, at the age of 71 years old, received a heart transplant today.

The details are sketchy as to the identity of the donor or the circumstances involved  but hopefully it was a democrat’s heart.  The family is eternally grateful to the George Washington University Hospital and Fairfax Hospital in Virginia.

If your like Dick Cheney, with a top knotch health insurance plan, medicare coverage, preferential services because your a former Vice-President, your significantly at a greater advantage when getting a heart transplant than the ordinary Joe.

Dick Cheney has received the very finest of medical care that money can buy, assisted of course by taxpayer’s dollars. Dick Cheney’s heart gave out two years ago and had stopped working therefore technically he was dead.

He was hooked up to a heart valve pump called a LVAD -Left Ventricular Assist Device that he had to wear on the exterior of his body called The HeartMate II.

Two years ago,  most people wondered if Dick Cheney had any pulse at all after five heart attacks the exterior pump worked to assist his heart to function. That pump was developed with tax payers dollars.

Cheney’s History of Heart Disease and Attacks

You have to admit that Cheney is at the “end stage of heart disease” after five heart attacks. He had his first heart attack at the ripe old age of 37 and has had heart difficulties ever since and that amounts to 37 years!!!

The facts are that medicare covers heart transplants and the guidelines for who receives a transplant are guided by the patients current condition. Legitimately, Dick Cheney would not qualify for a heart transplant if he was just an ordinary citizen and would have expired by now.

Heart Transplant Guidelines:

Some would say putting a perfectly good heart into a guy who’s had five heart attacks, at the age of 71 years is a waste of resources and money.

The guidelines state that the patient must be in good shape and not have severe peripheral medical dysfunction for which Cheney does not qualify. 

Since 1978, Dick Cheney has had quite a few heart attacks leaving his heart damaged and in poor shape and requiring the need of an artificial pump.

Dick Cheney The Cost of a Heart  The Transplant Living site quotes the cost of a heart transplant to be anywhere from: $ 660,000 to $ 1 Million dollars.

The follow up care costs: $ 21,000 per year

Medicare covers the costs for a heart transplant.

It is most likely that the taxpayers are paying for Dick Cheney’s new transplanted heart.


It appears that doctors have been able to bring Dick Cheney back to the living or at least postpone an all body death for the time being, but not without great expense to the taxpayer.

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