Democrats No Guts on Healthcare Reform

The Democratic majority and the election of the first Black President have proved that the people that voted them into power craved change.  The Democrats have shown they don’t have the guts to finish the job and reform the disgraceful and immoral American  health care system.

As the old saying says ” No Guts – No Glory” and Democrats have exhibited they are spineless creatures that favor hanging on to the pay checks more than inacting new legislation for reform.  President Obama also has abandoned his own party in order to ensure he will be re-elected in 2012.  The cave started with the health care back room deals with insurance companies who stand to lose their billion dollar profit machine at the expense of people dying without medical attention.

This week two studies came out paid for by the administration and bumbled the message that women should not have mammograms until they are 50 years old.  Well that was not clearly stated and it instilled hostility in women and doctors across the country.

Rather than issuing a warning about the accumulative effects of radiation from a mammogram test itself  the message was one of “you don’t need a mammogram” which sent the wrong signals.  Instead of stating the truth and risking alienating from the medical industry the study participants made two errors.

One error was that mammograms are indeed not effective but instead they stated “you don’t need them”.

Second mistake was to say to women that breast self exams are not necessary which is utterly ridiculous as most women find their own tumors first before the doctor.  Breast self exams are very necessary and if a lump is felt the woman would know she has to act. If she is unaware there is a lump because she does not examine herself -the time element is affected.

Mammograms put 30- 40 pounds of pressure on a woman’s breast which damages the tumor and is barbarically painful. Here again we have rockets bombing the moon, space expidtions to Mars and we have the ancient torture machine still in use in 2009- the Mammogram.

The amount of radiation and the damage to cancerous tissues are of no consequence if you read these studies and every year these so called scientists and experts tell women to keep wacking their breasts every year.

How stupid is that?  It is like punching some one in the mouth to extract a tooth and simply has many more false positives than any effect on the death rate of women by breast cancer.  This is the Cancer business that continues to make billions while more women die each year and no one cares to improve the numbers.  More than likely more women will continue to die not from the disease itself but by how it is diagnosed and treated including chemotherapy drugs, radiation and more drugs.

This system of prolonging cancer will soon die itself because it is driven on the basis of profit, greed, corporate self interests and politicians who rely on the campaign contributions that keep them in government.

The whole system was supposed to change and Barack Obama in 2008 swore  to keep his campaign promises and he has failed miserably on many fronts to commence that  “change we can believe in”.

The same ponzi schemes on Wall Street with no financial legislation and hiring ex-lobbyists for pharma and agriculture Obama has damaged his own reputation as the Abe Lincoln he professed to be modeling himself after.

There are many reasons why Barack Obama will be a One Term President and his lack of integrity is just one of them. At the end of his first year -he has not ended the wars that spin the national debt into oblivian, he has made the biggest mistake with Guantanamo prisoners which will be a 3 ring circus in New York, he has bought 3 billion dollars of an untested swine flu vaccine that will kill off half the population but he keeps rockin’ in the free world.  The corruption of Washington continues to boggle the minds of the unemployed, the uninsured and the dissolutioned Americans who actually believed in Obama as the Messiah we all needed to trust.  The trust is wearing very thin and we want our jobs and money back stolen by the corporations that not only control Obama but continue to stop any reform that takes one penny from their filthy Bernie Madoff pockets.

No Guts gives no glory.

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No matter what a Democrat says out of two sides of his mouth- and in the middle they as much liars as are Republican corporate shills.


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