Delaware GOP Candidate Charged with 113 Counts of Child Rape

Nov. 3, 2012 Eric Bodenweiser a republican candidate in Delaware for the State Senate 19th District, has been arrested and charged with 113 counts of Pedophilia sex charges.

The real kicker is that Eric Bodenweiser ran as a “Family Values Republican candidate” and an anti-gay candidate

The 53 year old member of the Delaware Family Policy Council has dropped out of the race and has been arrested on charges of molestation of a 30 year old victim who has come forth.

The Delaware Family Policy Council claims it’s purpose to be “protecting kids from life altering mistakes” and “preparing them for healthy, strong future relationships”.

I guess that means by raping children the Family Policy Council inclusion of  Eric Bodenweiser was helping children build stronger relationships and that helps them.

The Family Policy Council of Delaware is a registered 501 C tax exempt organization -a non-profit corporation advocating for “family, life, marriage and freedom”. Now, that’s a real joke.

The charges read:

74 counts of unlawful sexual contact

39 first degree felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse

The offenses date back to Oct. 1, 1987 to August 31, 1990

Bodenweiser was seen as a rising star for the republican party and has ties to Christine O’Donnell who backed him in the September primary and she said this about the candidate:

Boedenweiser is a “great man that deserves our support and that we need to send to Dover. Eric has the kind of character that will stand up against corruption, that will do what is right in the face of opposition, in the face of pressure.” It is amazing what a poor judge of character O’Donnell is here sending a child rapist to Congress.

The crimes occurred when the victim was a boy starting at the age of 10 years old and 16 years old involving the 113 charges of sexual intercourse with a child.

WBOC News 


The crimes apparently were committed at a dairy store business owned by his family and was involved in being a mentor at Georgetown Middle School.

Even though there is plenty of evidence against Bodenweiser Christine O’Donnell still supports him with this comment:

“That’s why these sort of, charges are so, are so, potent as political weapons because they put a seed of doubt in someone’s mind. If you do it as an October surprise there’s not enough time between when they throw the bomb on election day for the truth to really emerge and, um, it’s just, it’s tacky and it’s what happened to our political system.”

O’Donnell seems to think this is political, even though there is evidence against Bodenweiser instead of distancing herself, she still supports the candidate.