Debate Losers: Big Bird and Illinois Workers

Oct. 4, 2012 Oct. 4, 2012 The media spin on Mitt Romney winning the first debate is phenomenally erroneous.

Mitt Romney to Fire Big Bird

True that,  Romney did dominate the debate, bullied also debated with the moderator Jim Lehrer which was comical. Romney’s answers lacked the basic fundamental reason why voters will not vote for him. He lacked focus, specific details and never gave an example of where he would cut taxes.

While Mitt Romney Debated – Jobs Were Being Outsourced at Sensata Technologies- Freeport Illinois:

US Jobs outsourced by Bain Capital-Sensata, Freeport Illinois

Photo courtesy: The Journal Standard 

“While Mitt Romney is debating tonight with President Obama, 170 families are out in the cold losing their jobs to China. Again Bain Capital outsourcing jobs, cutting up US companies into tiny pieces and shipping factories and lives to China.”


We know that Romney has also lied about his trillions in tax cuts but his numbers as well as Paul Ryan’s answers on Fox News they do not add up.

President Obama on the other hand gave clear, concise answers did not exaggerate and did not lie about his figures as Romney did.

55% of those polled after the debate said there was either no clear winner or President Obama won the debate. What the pundits do not know is that, the President was reeling Romney into a trap and he fell for it. While Romney rambled incessantly about his “non specific” sound bytes he gave us more lies, more silly phrases of what he would be like if given power.

The MSNBC response was appalling lacking in depth, they equated Aggression and rapid fire phrases with: Winning. It was only Rev. Al who kept the clear message that Obama made, and suggested “Romney will be indicted for perjury” because he was “lying”.

The Media Spin -Off Their Rockers

1) Why did President Obama have to point out that Romney was lying, didn’t the press pick up on that themselves, isn’t that their job?

2) Why didn’t the moderator ask a question on women’s issues, why didn’t he command the debate instead of letting Romney walk all over the rules, and over speak?

3) Why didn’t Jim Lehrer bring up the 47% comments by Romney? Was it all up to the President to come up with questions?

Foolish reporting on the part of CNN, and MSNBC wanted the Pres to fight back Romney’s lies, but he’s been doing that for 2 years now.

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