Corsi Calls for Obama To have Drug Tests?

August 17, 2008  Corsi Calls for Obama To have Drug Test

Jerome Corsi author of the slam book “The Obama nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality” calls for proof on Obama’s drug use. Its subtle but its there, and also claiming that Obama will put his critics in jail. Well my friends as John McCain would say, this is scary stuff the Evangelista’s are putting out as part of their Swiftboat campaign against Obama.

Jerome Corsi -Trying to Swiftboat Obama
Jerome Corsi -Trying to Swiftboat Obama


We did not hear these demands about President Bush who is a confirmed alcoholic and is reported to be hitting the bottle again during his Presidency. It would explain his drunken spending of billions of dollars of borrowed money from China on the wrong war in the wrong country of Iraq which incited a 7 year war!

We also know that Bush did drugs in his younger years, now where is the proof that he has stopped and is not hallucinating when he said he ” looked into his soul” when he talked with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Poutin and worse that ” he trusted him”.

I think we have all the proof we need here that Bush addicted to power.

The media has denounced Jerome Corsi’s book and so have most of the American public, except for the Evangelistas.

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