Congressional Calendar -Not Much Work in 2013

Jan. 3, 2013

They really didn’t do much work from 2010 to 2012, and looking at the Congressional Calendar for this coming year, it doesn’t look like many work days are scheduled for the House of Representatives.


The calendar released by Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader in November shows that Congress will only be working (meeting) for 126 days in 2013.

That is only 1/3rd of the year roughly getting 2/3’rds of year off to spend more time devising ways to thwart government, to block, to impede and to overrule any bills that help the county and they succeeded in doing that for two years.

The Senate has not released it’s 2013 schedule but it looks something like this:

Already Harry Reid has adjourned until January 22nd, already which has held up the Filibuster Reform Bill that he plans on passing to stop republicans from holding up votes on bills.

It is no wonder nothing ever gets done, in Washington – no one is doing much work at resolving problems. Everyone is on a long, extended holiday.

Nice Work if you Can Get It  !!

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