Comic Lewis Black on the Debate -CBS This Morning

Oct. 4, 2012  Comic Lewis Black weighed in on the presidential Debate last night, hilarious funny stuff on CBS This Morning Show.  First you have to wake Lewis up that early in the morning and you get what you get.

But he did have some realistic insights on the debate especially the tight framework of 2 minutes to answer such weighty questions.  The format for the debate were entirely restrictive, and Jim Lehrer did probably the worst job we’ve seen as a debate monitor.

Here’s a quote:

“I thought that it was good that I could stay awake,” he joked. “I find it kind of weird that we are supposedly the most intelligent people on the planet and we’re really this bright group, that two minutes, they have to speak — two minutes to tell us about the economy, about the medical thing, about social security — two minutes, it’s ludicrous! You can’t explain how to do a souffle in two minutes!”

Lewis Black debut on  The Great White Way with Running On Empty.