CNN’s Obsession with Wacky Sarah Palin

Video of First National Press Conference with Sarah Palin at Governor’s Conference, Miami Florida.
without the husband and kids. (Courtesy of Politico).

Twelve days after the election and CNN’s wacky obsession with wacky Sarah Palin still continues. Twice yesterday we had two interviews she was on Larry King, she was interviewed with Wolf Blitzer, and then again today she is live at the Republican Governors Association conference in Miami Florida. All the while Palin is still attacking Obama, Bill Ayers and campaigning for her own bid at the Presidency in 2012.

We were just getting use to not having to listen to her babbling, list of words that did not make a complete sentence but the babbling is non-stop on CNN.

For a person in the public spotlight who called the media “liberal” or “elite” Sarah Palin is now using the media to prop up her attempt at further political gain.

In separate interviews several of which were with CNN and one with NBC’s Matt Lauer‘s interview, Palin still seems stuck in her attack mode of the past. Palin’s claiming that Bill Ayers is a terrorist has no relevance today since his crimes occurred over 30 years ago. Palin has become the Republican Britney Spears star in a party trying to rebuild their image after a disastrous Presidential election.

From the transcripts of the interview with Wolf Blitzer of CNN Palin had this to say:

“PALIN: Well, I still am concerned about that association with Bill Ayers. And if anybody still wants to talk about it, I will, because this is an unrepentant domestic terrorist who had campaigned to blow up, to destroy our Pentagon and our U.S. Capitol. That’s an association that still bothers me “.

PALIN: No, and I do not think that it is off-base nor mean-spirited, nor negative campaigning to call someone out on their associations and on their record. And that’s why I did it.

Palin still claims she has “executive” experience while her record shows a less than honest expense account which billed taxpayers for hotel stays while she was asleep in her own home.
Palin showed her arrogant misuse of Republican campaign funds, during her shopping spree that cost that are rumored to be a quarter of a million dollars. This contradicts her self portrayal as a hockey mom, and just another ordinary Alaskan that eats moose meat. Lawyers were dispatched to Wasilla after the election to retrieve the clothes.

These contradictions just did not jive with voters whom did not vote for the Republican ticket primarily because of Sarah Palin. The fear that she could become a President with an aging John McCain who has had repeating bouts of cancer.

Sarah Palin needs to know that the election is over, and the time for post election political smears against the President elect Barack Obama won is over. Palin claims in her interviews that she is moving on, but this contradicts her obsession with the past 8 weeks of her campaigning for John McCain.

CNN needs to move ahead, and cover the Bailout hearings since the economy is more important than whom Sarah Palin is obsessed with today. Palin meanwhile spent last weekend rummaging through clothes, while RNC lawyers await their return, and was trying to figure out what to give back. Yes, the wacky world of Sarah Palin lives on.

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