Clinton on BP Oil

July 3, 2010  Clinton on BP Oil’s leak commented that it may become necessary to ” blow up the well and cover the well with piles and piles of debris. The problem is do you trust BP Oil with a bomb, and secondly would it work.  Whether the two relief wells will work are anyone’s guess and Bill Clinton said ” it is a geological monster”.

Bill Clinton-It may become necessary to blow up the BP Well to Stop the Leak

The navy might have to step in but ” there are all kind’s of consequences that would have to be considered”  “You can shut that well but what else might you do that upsets the eco structure of the Gulf”.  ” We have no tool that belongs to the federal government to shut that well down”.  He went on to say we are “dependant on these people that work for BP”.

Certain statements Bill Clinton made are disturbing somewhat when you consider that no one can stop this leak and even the two relief wells  may not work.  When has mankind lost its moral compass on this disaster to the point of being so technologically advanced that we cannot correct our own mistakes?   Sure Bill Clinton wants us all to calm down as he says in the video but these are desperate times that affect the world -not just the United States.  Putting explosives in the hands of British Petroleum is a daunting and frightening thought considering their track record and their avoidance of responsibility if the bombs failed,  they would blame the US government and try to escape liability for the entire event since April 20, 2010.

The real issues is BP doesn’t want to blow up the well because then they will lose their motherlode of oil in that region apparently as Bill Clinton says in the video this is a gusher that is spitting out a ton of oil and they do not wish to let it go even at the cost of polluting all the world’s oceans.

What if the oil will leak forever since no human can actually travel that far down into the ocean floor to fix it and that is the reason why oil drilling at this depth should be stopped.  Until the oil companies come up with the extreme safety measures this type of oil extraction requires then all oil drilling by BP should be suspended.  Apparently President Obama does not believe that BP Oil should be stopped from drilling in Alaska, as he must have given his permission for their new lease in that state.

The thought of another nightmare explosion like the Gulf happening again would certainly destroy the world’s oceans.

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