Clarence Thomas v.s. Citizens of America

June 21, 2011

Senator Rush Feingold in his statement to the Senate said the court produced a Frankenstein and denied the right for ordinary citizens to stop the corporate domination of the political system of the US.

“The court has badly damaged its own integrity” said Senator  Russ Feingold the Supreme Court has “Unleashed a threat of retaliation at election time”.
“Corporations must have first amendment rights equal to those of citizens, makes no sense.”

Citizens of America on one side v.s. Corporate millions, lobbyists and political influence on the other side. Which will win?

The Constitutional rights of corporations or influence peddling is at question here and the political campaign money disclosure requirements do not violate corporation rights. The multinational corporations or any business must disclose to whom they donated money.

Today we have corporate influence on the bench, we have seen Judges like Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia Thomas work for and receives a salary, benefits and expenses from the Tea Party-republicans with great sums of money.

We are also aware that the SC judge Clarence Thomas did not declare said income on his tax returns to the IRS for over 20 years, specifically the income his wife received.  Clarence Thomas also did not declare “gifts” received from Harlan Crow a conservative fund raiser.

Senator Russ Feingold on Citizens United

From Ordinary Gentlemen:

“Mr. Crow stepped in to finance the multimillion-dollar purchase and restoration of the cannery, featuring a museum about the culture and history of Pin Point that has become a pet project of Justice Thomas.”

The Thomas’s do received many financial benefits from Harland Crow not only the cannery restoration project, but also dedicating a library to Justice Thomas and $ 500,000.00 seed money for Virginia Thomas to start a Tea Party group.  Socially they spend time together at the Crow Estate and the property in East Texas.

In 2004 the LA Times revealed that Justice Thomas also received gifts for $ 42,200 from 1988 to 2004. Since 2004, Justice Thomas has not reported gifts, travel expenses or benefits received from Harlan Crow or the Tea Party, he refuses to disclose his extracurricular income.

This violates all Supreme Court ethics and the laws of the US government regarding the code of conduct and basic laws against influence pedlars, lobbyists and activism of the Court.
It is no secret that this is a conservative ideological court made up of judges who support only conservative beliefs in favor of corporate benefits and they rule as such.

Clarence Thomas v.s. Citizens of AmericaPhoto: Harlan Crow-Influencing Judges since 1994

Mr. Crow’s own financial input into the George Bush Library involves 5 million dollars spent on Republican campaigns and groups. Crow also donated $ 100,000 to defeat John Kerry with the Swift Boat group who denied Kerry’s war record.

Clarence Thomas and Anthony Scalia have also attended the Koch Brothers retreats before the Citizens’ United Case was determined.

The ideology of the Supreme Court is tainted with influence peddling, close ties to the republican party and the financial billionaire Koch Bros who’s deep pockets have now tainted the highest court of the land.

Clarence Thomas v.s. Citizens of AmericaPhoto: The Koch Brothers-if you can’t win fairly, buy a Supreme Court Judge

If the American justice system is tainted and does not comply even in the smallest way with laws and regulations, what faith does the average citizen have in the judicial system?

From Common Dreams

Justice Thomas Reports Wealth of Gifts

Gifts to Clarence Thomas that we know of included:

$ 1,200.00 worth of tires
$5,000.00 personal check to help a relative pay for education expense
$19,000.00 for a 19th century Bible
$ 15,000.00 for a bust of President Lincoln
Millions of dollars to restore a cannery where Clarence Thomas’ mother worked drew his admiration of Crow.

Personal gifts to influence a Supreme Court Judge, his relatives, friends, his wife or directly are in violation of the federal laws governing the judicial.

Several judges have received all expenses paid trips to France, Italy and Greece by “wealthy conservative donors”.

Why are these judges skimming off what they can get from political parties and how does this relate to their decisions on cases is a matter for Congress to investigate.

Other judges have received gifts also but declare them as income, or distribute the money to charities or non-profits. (Gingsburg received $100,000 in 1993 from Kaul Foundation and gave it away.
Not Clarence Thomas.  No, Clarence Thomas has received and enjoyed the gifts he has received and the social ties he has with wealthy conservative donors. If he loves these organizations so much, why doesn’t he quit the bench and work for them full-time?

Since 1995, there is a restriction on gifts to judges as there are for gifts to politicians in government. Members of the government may not accept gifts greater than $ 50.00. As long as Clarence Thomas is on the bench he will continue to accept gifts, benefits and money from the republican party and his decisions are evidence that the court is corruptible.

In 2010 Keith Olbermann called for Justice Clarence Thomas to Resign due to conflict of interests for his and his wife’s involvement with Liberty Central political organization.

SCOTUS Wife Virginia Thomas Seeks Political Donations.

As Keith points out Virginia Thomas has a hatred for President Obama-Ginny Thomas solicits donations amidst calls for Justice Thomas to resign.

Only the public outcry from Americans can force Clarence Thomas to resign and if he had any ethics left, which is doubtful he would quit the bench and go work for the Tea Party full time.

Today, in 2011 Clarence Thomas salary is paid for by the taxpayers which in 2009 and 2010 is $ 213,900 plus cost of living increases and full benefits including a lifetime pension.  Apparently, this is not enough money for Clarence Thomas.

Since 1991 he has served 19 years and is 62 years old and was appointed by George W. Bush Senior a republican. Thomas also worked as a lawyer for Monsanto and will not recuse himself from Monsanto GMO -Round Up cases before the court.

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Clarence Thomas v.s. Citizens of America who are detested as far as this judge is concerned, womens’ worker rights, sexual discrimination, and other protections of the law go out the window when there is money changing hands. At this point the other judges on the bench have no alternative than to call for Clarence Thomas to resign, the Department of Justice must investigate and Congress must request his resignation just as they did for Anthony Weiner.

If President Richard Nixon can be impeached as well as President Bill Clinton, so can a Supreme Court judge who has flagerantly ignored ethics, the law and has lined his pockets with corporate influence money. He is a disgrace to the Supreme Court and a disgrace to the US justice system.

Photo: Clarence Thomas -The Biggest Con Man on the Supreme Court in History

Clarence Thomas v.s. Citizens of AmericaPhoto: Clarence Thomas -Living Large on Tea Party Influence Money