Clarence Thomas-Monsanto Lawyer-Conflict of Interest

Clarence Thomas-Monsanto Lawyer-Conflict of Interest

May 21, 2011   Clarence Thomas a former Monsanto lawyer did not recuse himself from a pending Supreme Court case against his former boss Monsanto. Clarence Thomas has close ties to Monsanto’s interests and worked for the corporation as it’s legal counsel for three years, prior to his becoming a Supreme Court judge, yet he refuses to recuse himself on cases involving Monsanto patents and this is in direct violation of federal judicial laws.

The case involving Monsanto- v. Geetson Seed Farms and Thomas should be removing himself from the bench due to conflict of interest.  The Supreme Court has favored corporations becoming human beings last year which allows more campaign donations to politicians for favorable legislation.

If this judge, Clarence Thomas who has been ridiculed for sexual assaults on women himself in the Anita Hill testimony during his confirmation by George Bush.

Clarence Thomas Rules in Favor of Monsanto on High Court Appeals

Another judge Charles Breyer who ruled in the original 2007 case is the brother of Stephen Breyer and has recused himself in the case.

This case has enormous impact on the future of farming in the high court and will impact the US food supply in a negative way, allowing gmo crops and pesticide ridden foods to be sold to American families.

There is no justice if the SCOTUS allows Monsanto full rights to fake data, claim illegal patents and produce food crops that threaten human health.

Thomas has drawn more attention this year for starting a lobbying group which promotes activism and conservative principals, as legal experts have warned Clarence Thomas should be wary of any conflicts of interest that arise related to his legal decisions.

The upcoming trial of Monsanto v.s. Geetson Seed Farms requires that Thomas Recuse himself as a conflicted judge with ties to corporate interests.

The courts are producing judgements in favor of corporate interests of Monsanto and further are endangering the public.

Although stories and blogs that defend farmers rights are being buried in Google searches there are many examples of Monsanto using influence and monied power over politicians and now Supreme Court judges to rule in favor of GMO seeds and allow Round Up pesticides to contaminate agriculture in the US.

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