CISPA Much Worst Than You Think

CISPA Much Worst Than You Think

For those who thought SOPA, PIPA and ACTA weren’t enough, CISPA is much worse than you think.

This US Congress has now attempted to pass more internet security bills than any jobs bill, economic recovery bill or any bill that benefits Americans in a recession.

This bill was introduced in Congress on November 29th, 2011 and is now passing for a vote this coming week. It is sponsored by Representative Michael Rogers a Republician from Michigan who probably knows less about how the internet works than any man on the street. The sponsors of this bill are listed here, and include: Michelle Bachmann. See List

CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence and Protection Act but what it protects are corporate interests, and government control of the internet.

In fact these regressive measures will only attack privacy allotted under the Constitution and does away with Freedom of Speech.

CISPA allows the government and “All it’s agencies” to share information with private businesses about any individual’s private communications on the internet with wide sweeping invasion of privacy and social websites including news sites. There are no limitations with CISPA, the broad language in the bill covers all forms of communication world wide.

What Does That Mean to You?

This means that US government agencies have unlimited access to your:

Communications on line
Amazon accounts
Facebook Accounts
Google Accounts
any social comments 
any videos 

ANYTHING you do is under government surveillance and can be used against you for any purpose they deem fitting for corporate interests.

The extreme legislation is called the CISPA Bill HR- 3523 

CISPA Much Worst Than You Think- the bill actually mergers corporate power with government and in reality it is a move to control, limit, monitor and take down ANY site these two parties deem offensive to the government. In fact, it is extreme censorship of the internet which does not belong to the US government.

Congress Created More Bills to Censor the Internet- than any Job Bills

Many critics have said that this congress has passed more bills to control the internet than it has to create jobs, fix the economy and repair economic damage caused by the Wall Street disaster.

The Internet is a World Wide Web Communication System- Not an American One, yet here we go again like SOPA and PIPA, CISPA establishes that the United States owns and can govern the internet.

The fact remains, does the United States have the legal right to control, invade, censor and take down sites in a world wide system? No it does not.

Who Are These People?

The same parties that supported SOPA, PIPA and ACTA are the same parties putting forth the CISPA bill, the same players are:

Hollywood moguls
Republican and Democrat senators, representatives who are paid to vote yes. Chris Dodd the head of the Motion Picture Association of America, who was once a Democrat Senator now using his contacts in Congress to pass this bill.

Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook Social Media, now tied financially to Goldman Sachs in an IPO. Microsoft also supports CISPA of course Bill Gates is most interested in controlling the internet also.

Over 680,000 signatures have been sent to opposed CISPA while many, many other groups and private citizens have opposed this series of bills for internet spying by the government and now corporate interests.The ACLU said it was not surprised by the corporate level of support which is “consistent with other expansion of government spying”.

Civil liberties organizations are vehemently opposed to CISPA and the control this government has on freedom of speech on the internet. Groups like the EFF – Electronic Freedom Foundation are also opposed to this legislation as well as many other organizations.

Last time during the SOPA bill, many commenced a black out of the internet in opposition to these constant government control bills. The groups are major companies who’s income is threatened if more people stop using the internet because of censorship laws.

Stop CISPA, get your representatives names here and take action!

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By threatening corporations, like Facebook which caved to the government some have agreed to support CISPA. The bill allows the government to shutdown websites that are not agreeing with the government’s policies.

A Cyber Threat is defined as:

“Information in the possession of an element in the intelligence community directly pertaining to a vulnerability, or threat to, a system or a network of a government or private entity”.

This means, if your “considered to be” a threat to a private entity- they can shut you down, this would include the exposure of corrupt corporations like Goldman Sachs, factory farms, discussions regarding the FDA, USDA or any other agency that has corporate interests first, public safety last.

CISPA would control the internet again, any site that is “considered” a threat in the US government’s or private industry, in their opinion will be shut down.

There are existing laws that govern real threats, but CISPA has broader definitions and merges government with big corporations together including private security companies who would also have rights to invade your privacy. What they do with that information are state secrets they cannot share with the public.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation says the language is so vague that even “potential” infringement of intellectual property is covered under the bill.

The EFF also state that this bill allows “perceived” threats, and the government can take measures ? provided they claim are cybersecurity threats or concerns. A very broad statement in CISPA.

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