Chuck Todd Meets With Jon Husted- Rigging Election 2014

Jan. 26, 2013  A certain news announcer, part-time election fixer Chuck Todd had lunch apparently with the Secretary of the State of Ohio, to discuss how to rig the next election in 2014, or how to break voters rights for the people of Ohio.



After all the voter suppression with last minute 2012 voter ID laws and the failed computer voting machine hacking of 2004 Ohio still wants to break some laws and rig the vote against Democrats.

The conversation opens with Jon Husted’s Tweet:

“Enjoyed having lunch today with NBC’s @ChuckTodd – he and I agree Redistricting Reform needs to happen in OH and across the US”.

Followed by a barrage of tweets of these two conspiring to rig national elections.

Heads Should Roll …at MSNBC. I mean isn’t it illegal to Conspire to rig an election by whatever means these two have cooked up? Really isn’t that against the law especially in broadcasting regulations? Where is the FCC when you need em?

Chuck Todd could not be reached for comment.


Part One- The Lunch Tweet by Jon Husted


Part Two  Heads Should Roll For This at MSNBC