China Riots over Industrial Waste Pipeline

China’s people began a massive riot in Qidong against the construction of an industrial waste pipeline that would destroy their coastline waters.

The massive crowds of demonstrators actually clashed with police in Jiangsu Province two days ago against the Chinese government, and it got very ugly with police cars being overturned and government offices ransacked.

The irony of the situation is that the people are actually violently opposed to China’s own lack of pollution laws.  There have been quite a list of demonstrations over the environment in China, which is one of the world’s worst polluters of the air, water and land.

Beijing is being challenged in it’s approach to disposing of industrial waste and  the worsening conditions of pollution that the people will simply not tolerate.

The city of Qidong is one hour by car north of Shanghai, where people broke into a local government office and destroyed computers, and they are very angry. The planned construction would have discharged waste from the Oji Paper Company, traveling to the sea where toxic pollutants would be dumped into the waters.

The government insisted that the waste would not pollute the waters, however China’s local population do not agree and believe the environment would be degraded.

As a result, the government has backed off the idea of building the pipeline, postponing construction but that wasn’t good enough. Local officials in their attempt to ward off further riots, said any public demonstrations would be considered illegal. 

There is rising disscent in China these days, not long ago another riot occurred in Shifang, Dalian and Haimen. In Shifang the government had to put the brakes on a copper refinery plant, because the local population believed it would poison them. China’s government has promised to clean up the environmental problems but is yet on board to cut harmful carbon emissions from cars and coal plants that belch into the skies turning them a thick dark gray color.