China Resolves Corporate Greed by Executions

In the Hubei Province of China drama ensured after a court had reached a verdict in the Tainted Melamine baby milk scandal that has tainted China’s reputation as a manufacturing country even further than the dog food scandal.

300,000 Chinese Babies Sick from Milk Poison
300,000 Chinese Babies Sick from Milk Poison

Chinese babies all 300,000 sick or the dead,  had to suffer the consequences of chinese dairy producers greed that drank baby milk tainted with melamine poison.

The baby formula milk was laced with 600 tons of what was disguised as protein powder and the cuplrits were sentenced to death. A Chinese court handed down the sentences in January as a result of investigations into the Sanlu Company and its executives that knowingly produced the milk.

The Chinese woman involved a 66 year old Tian Wenhau will be sent to life imprisonment and fined almost 4 million dollars in penalties for substandard products as she was the chariwoman of the Sanlu dairy company. Many parents of the dead babies wanted her sentence to be execution also and were sadly disappointed in her verdict. Comments made indicated they downplayed the number of dead babies in her trial so that she would not suffer death herself.

China Tainted Baby Milk Trial Continues to Appeal
China Tainted Baby Milk Trial Continues to Appeal

This stands as a great contrast of what is happening on Wall Street with AIG, Goldman Sachs and other financial institutions that bought, sold and made great profits from scam insurance derivatives known as Credit Swaps.  In China -justices comes swiftly and severely with corporate greed.

Among those to be executed are Mr. Zhang Yujun, and Geng Jinping for their part in lacing poison into the milk supply for baby formula some of which was sold in North American stores.

Where was the FDA and the EPA when this milk was imported and consumed by Americans and Canadian babies? The FDA failure to protect their own country from tainted products is in much need of a major overhaul now.  The free market system is riddled with con artists such as Yujun and Jinping and our food inspection system leaves us vunerable to food contamination from foreign countries.

Fortunately the Sanlu company went bankrupt after being fined over 9 million dollars however the families of dead children received very little compensation.

Payments from  $ 368.00 to $ 5,520.00 for each child affected by the poison which caused a major class action law suit to be heard in the Supreme Court of China in Bejing where they seek almost 7 million dollars in compensation.  A few families who’s children are deceased rejected the court’s ruling on compensation.

The Chinese government wants this scandal to go away, and there was a coverup of the whole story from reaching the press except for one brave reporter who finally exposed the scandal to the world press.

The defendants all chinese dairy producers including Mrs. Wenhau are appealing their verdicts collectively the trials start this week.

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  1. In Australia there would not even have been a trial, let alone any charges or any convictions. Economic crimes are simply part and parcel of doing business “Down Under”.

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