Chili Photos Earthquake

Feb 27, 2010 11:oo a.m., Photos of Chili 8.8 earthquake damages -Live Photos Updated

Earthquake News Photos Feb 27, 2010
Families Chili Earthquake Damage 8.8
Chili Earthquake Damage to Buildings Massive 8.8 Scale
Chile Earthquake Damage to Property Feb 27
Chili Fires Burning Earthquake Hits 8.8 -Infrastructure Damage
Chili Earthquake Collapses Buildings

122 people are reported dead hours after a massive earthquake hit Chili in South America, and the photos reveal the damage to infrastructure, roads and personal property.  The Red Cross is preparing for yet another natural disaster however Chili had stronger building codes than Haiti which will keep the death count much lower.

Buildings, roads, road ramps, flood damage as the ocean waters are starting to rise due to the Tsunami affect of underwater earthquakes and Pacific coastal regions as far as Hawaii are preparing for the reaction of a Tsunami wave which are the common after effects.

Chili is doing search and rescue as screams can be heard from fallen buildings similar to the Haiti disaster months ago however Chili is better prepared.  This does emphasis the lack of care that Haiti exhibited in building codes, and infrastructure expenses which it did not provide for its population.  Haiti is still in clean up phase and the rubble is still an ongoing task.

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